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Wizard Radio - Review: LANY at KOKO, Camden


Review: LANY at KOKO, Camden

London loves LANY - they're one of the most refreshing new acts on the scene

Review: LANY at KOKO, Camden


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

If you’re a serious pop fan, LANY may be a difficult band to ignore. After all, they have been on tour with the likes of X Ambassadors, Troye Sivan, Halsey and Ellie Goulding – but more than that, you should know good music when you hear it.

With legions of passionate fans around the world, it’s no surprise that lead-singer Paul Klein accompanied by bandmates Les Priest and Jake Goss sold out London’s KOKO in less than a month.

Before the gig, queues of fans waited around the corner for hours to make sure they could be at the front of the room when the band come on. And, for those that did the wait, it was well worth it: Paul Klein likes jumping into the crowd.

Opening with fan favourite yeah, babe, no way - the setlist was full of fan favourites, as well as a few surprise new tracks from the upcoming debut album LANY BY LANY coming out this June.

Perhaps the biggest fanfare came from new album track Good Girls, Quit (off the Kinda EP), WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS as well as ILYSB.

The crowd (a mixture of pop lovers and indie wannabes) were obsessed with the band, singing back almost every lyric. There were even co-ordinated dance moves for the super prepared.

The band proved themselves to be one of the most refreshing new acts on the scene and coupled with the amazing stage show (lights lights lights) – they’re the American 1975… only maybe better?

When Paul Klein claimed “London loves LANY” he wasn’t wrong.

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