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Wizard Radio - Hyer's Highlights: USA isn't the leader of the free world

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Hyer's Highlights: USA isn't the leader of the free world

When a listener suggested that Merkel ought to 'speak English' and respect the leader of the free world... Benji had this to say

Hyer's Highlights: USA isn't the leader of the free world

Angela Merkel

Benji Hyer

W!ZARD News Author

This past week, Trump was visited by Germany’s Angela Merkel.

In a tense press conference and meeting, Trump defended his Obama wiretapping claims and refused to shake hands with the German Chancellor. Trump shook Abe’s hand like he might rip it off but snubbed Merkel when she offered hers; he is weirding out America’s allies, and was outclassed bigly by Merkel, who exposed him as the petulant, misogynistic buffoon that he is.

It’s no surprise; comparing the intellectual acumen of Merkel with Trump is like observing the difference between the ocean and an inflatable backyard pool. He sounded like an imbecile next to Merkel, who actually understands diplomacy and foreign policy; he’s totally in over his head. The body language and obvious discomfort, hostility and resentment between Trump and Merkel looked worse than the painful Obama-Netanyahu dynamic; he couldn’t stand to even look at her!

Donald Trump, once again, focused on the issues that he campaigned on: trade, immigration control, military strength and manufacturing jobs. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, focused on the benefits of globalism, openness to refugees and the need to negotiate a “safe and secure solution for Ukraine”. Afterwards, Trump wrote on Twitter that “despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel”. He then went on to lecture her and other European allies on NATO duties.

When I asked listeners: Is Merkel now the leader of the free world? one listener, Max from Texas replied: “If Merkel is so great, why did she mess up the refugee situation? And, another thing. Would it hurt her to learn “English’? Most German citizens speak or understand English at least a bit. Incredible that she needs interpreters to follow her everywhere while she has this blank look on her face while she waits for the translation. It must be frustrating as hell to meet with her and discuss world issues.”

Well, is the USA the greatest country in the world? Because that’s what listeners like Max believe. Here’s what I had to say.

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Benji Hyer on whether the USA is still the leader of the Free World

Benji Hyer replies to listener Max about whether the USA is still the leader of the free world. (4 minutes)

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