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Wizard Radio - Review: Hey Violet at The Garage


Review: Hey Violet at The Garage

Hey Violet are the next global band that you shouldn't ignore. And it won't be long until they're so big that it'll be impossible to.

Review: Hey Violet at The Garage

Hey Violet

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Hey Violet have been on quite a journey over the past few years.

The band, made up of sisters Rena (lead singer) and Nia Lovelis (drummer) along with friends Casey Moreta (guitar), Miranda Miller (keys) and Iain Shipp (bass), have gone from being angsty rockers to making their own sound, their own image and their own fans.

Even before their unofficial ‘new image unveiling’ in mid-2016 a lot had happened. They had changed their name from ‘Cherri Bomb’ to Hey Violet, they had been discovered by, then signed by, and then toured with 5 Seconds of Summer - but in 2016 everything changed. Suddenly Rena’s black, emo-like hair was short and pink; Nia had a black bob; Iain was in the band… and they were cool.

The first time we heard ‘Pure’… the first time we heard the sun-soaked bubblegum pop… there was something different about this band. And, at The Garage, they did it once again.

Opening with ‘Brand New Moves’ the whole crowd were on their side. It was a sea of dyed hair, nose piercings and snapchat screens capturing every little moment. The London fans had been waiting what felt like an eternity to see their new favourite band give them a bit of love.

As well as performing all of their greatest songs (which, no joke, is almost all of their songs) we heard some new treats which will be featured on their upcoming debut album, ‘From The Outside’ being released this Summer.

My Consequence’, ‘Unholy’ and ‘Hoodie’ made the crowd go wild - but it was on ‘ODD’, as song about not fitting in, that the band’s true heart came out.

Reminiscent of when 5 Seconds of Summer labelled themselves the ‘new broken scene’ - this was Hey Violet screaming to their fans that school sucks, life is difficult and people will think you’re weird. But (still showing their punk influence) it’s also essentially a massive middle finger to anyone who makes you feel like you can’t be yourself.

Closing with perhaps our favourite new song, ‘All We Ever Wanted’ (a song made to be chanted in arenas) followed by ‘Fuqboi’ (we don’t have to tell you what that’s about!)… as soon as it started, it felt like it was over.

At The Garage, Hey Violet proved that they are more than just the next pop band taking over the radio. They’re the next global band that you shouldn’t ignore. And it won’t be long until they’re so big - that it’ll be impossible to.

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