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Wizard Radio - Interview with Olivia Holt & MYBADD


Interview with Olivia Holt & MYBADD

James Gilmore interviews the pop star and her producer-collaborator to discuss their absolute pop banger

Interview with Olivia Holt & MYBADD

Olivia Holt

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Ex-Disney Channel actors are a rare breed… some of them you never hear from ever again, whereas others become true legends and icons.

It feels like Olivia Holt will be falling into the latter category.

Olivia Holt first gained fame by starring in the lead role in Disney Channel’s hit show Kickin’ It as well as I Didn’t Do It. From there, she has ventured into music with her debut EP ‘Olivia’ coming out in 2016.

Now, she’s all grown up and is in an absolute pop banger (and we don’t say those words lightly). The collaboration, with British producer MYBADD is sure to become a Summer hit.

James Gilmore sat down with Olivia Holt and MYBADD to talk collaborations and what’s to come.

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James Gilmore interviews Olivia Holt & MYBADD

James Gilmore interviews pop star Olivia Holt and producer MYBADD about their collaboration and what's to come. (5 minutes)

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