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Wizard Radio - Firefly Festival: Friday Diary


Firefly Festival: Friday Diary

Alex Noize gives you a moment-by-moment account of Friday at Firefly Festival

Firefly Festival: Friday Diary

Firefly Festival 2016 © Firefly Festival

Alex Noize

W!ZARD News Author

I woke up and felt the uncertainty of the festival about the line-up – attendance felt lower than last year on a Friday and there weren't as many big acts people were dying to see.

After my interview with Klangstof I decided to go and check them out at the Toyota Music Den; having watched some of their videos before the performance I had an idea of what to expect, but they performed with so much passion and looked to be having so much fun you wouldn't have thought they had another show a couple of hours after that!

Walking back to the Backyard Stage I came across James TW who I happened to be interviewing right after his performance; he was definitely a fan pleaser and showed off his multi instrumental skills and amazing voice. Great personality to match after interviewing him as well.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch much of Franz Ferdinand – who took to the Main Stage at 6:15 as I had to go and charge my phone (classic festival problems), but I was lucky (and in hindsight) really happy to watch the whole of Lil Dicky's set on the Lawn Stage at 7.

He was the sleeper pick for me as I wasn't too sure whether he'd be able to pull off an hour set (I didn't know he had an hours worth of music!) He got off to a great start – and his set felt like more of a stand up show where he happens to play songs in between, which I'm sure was intentional. Highlight – when he gave a girl a striptease on stage in just his boxers; this was probably the most talked about part of the festival.

I practically jumped around for that whole performance – so went to rest my feet before coming back to catch the end of Banks' set. Banks handled her performance like a seasoned professional – with her trademark mysteriousness captivating the crowd.

As the evening started to come to a close were three performers who could all be headliners in their own right:

Twenty One Pilots were probably the most hyped by everyone at the festival. I was surprised though at the lack of energy shown by the Main Stage crowd, with a lot of people preferring to sit at the back and rest whilst enjoying the otherwise energetic performance.

Flume was up next at the Backyard stage – he too had a big following and his lighting to accompany his music was extremely impressive. I couldn't help but notice that the music felt quite quiet though; perhaps his sound would have been more suited towards...

The Pavilion Stage – where Matoma closed out the night. For me, this was the set of night; perhaps made better by the fact that Matoma told me exactly the way he was going to approach the set beforehand (after flying from Miami on 0 hours sleep). He said he was going to read the crowd; and just turn it into one huge party. The place was already packed thanks to Flume finishing, and he decided to go with throwback songs coupled with newer Chainsmokers hits. The crowd reacted perfectly, and it felt like a peak to the end of long day at Firefly.

Expecting a lot of huge things tomorrow with plenty of huge acts on the line up including Chance The Rapper, Bob Dylan, The Weeknd, Ke$ha and Cashmere Cat!

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