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Wizard Radio - Hot 4: Edition #2

Hot 4

Hot 4: Edition #2

Jay Alan, Ricky & Lesley, Tristan Tales and Jada Facer are up against each other in the game where you decide who we are hot for!

Hot 4: Edition #2

Hot 4

W!ZARD News Author

Welcome to Hot 4, W!ZARD Radio Media’s exciting new interactive game where you decide what we put on-air.

4 videos, 2 weeks, 1 winner.

Every fortnight, our talent scouts scour the internet and featuring 4 of our favourite videos from the net. These will range from cover videos, to stunts, interviews… and maybe even a cat video every now and again.

You then have 2 weeks to vote for your favourite video on our website. Your votes will decide who we are hot for! The winner will be invited on-air for a very special interview, where you will find out all about them and we will crown them as the winner.

Check out this week’s inaugural Hot 4 - featuring fidget spinners, a French model and an emo dressing in non-emo clothes.

Click the 'star' next to each video to vote for it.

Congratulations to Tristan Tales for winning the second edition of Hot 4!

Hot 4 : Jay Alan


Under-hyped singer Jay Alan shares his cover of Perfect Places from Lorde's latest album, Melodrama.

Hot 4 : Ricky & Lesly


Couple Ricky & Lesley are known for playing pranks on each other - but this time it all hits the fan with a permanent market prank.

Hot 4 : Tristan Tales


YouTuber Tristan Tale's prank goes just about too well as he makes everyone believe he's set YouTuber Jake Paul's room on fire.

Hot 4 : Jada Facer


Jada Facer almost makes our heart melt as she collaborates with Ricardo Hurtado on Ed Sheeran's track Perfect.

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