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On The Rise: Why Don't We

Don't call them a boy band, but Why Don't We call are a group of boys who make pop music and that pop music is quite good

On The Rise: Why Don't We

Why Don't We

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The world of pop music seems to be obsessed with the arrangement of 5 boys singing some tunes – a lot of the time, the output of that is pure and utter *rubbish*.

Sometimes it’s not.

Introducing: Why Don’t We.

The story on Why Don’t We is as follows: Five boys were individually born (each by a different female), at some point in their mid-adolescence they all crossed paths and decided to start a ‘boy group’ BUT they wanted to do things ‘organically’ so… they signed to a major record label. They then went viral on the internet and voila: Logan Paul featured them.

It’s the modern rise of the modern boyband in these modern times.

At this stage, it feels a bit like discovering One Direction before the first album came out but in some strange land where nobody knew who they were but you knew that they were still in foetus stage. Still very very very good – but still very much foetuses.

They have three EPs out already:

1. ‘Only The Beginning’ was, you guessed it, only the beginning
2. ‘Something Different’ was something different to the first EP, in that it was much better
3. ‘Why Don’t We Just’ was really the ploy which got us into them.

In terms of another ‘boy group’ (DO NOT CALL THEM A BOY BAND) we have featured on Pop Stop – On The Rise before:

They’re not quite as “cool” as PRETTYMUCH but nobody, yet, is putting them head-to-head (well, until we just did) so that’s that.

The title track from their third EP, ‘Why Don’t We Just’ is a stellar pop track – it’s cool (not ZAYN cool, but still cool), it’s straight-forward and it shows off all the boy’s vocal abilities. Very good, very good indeed.

On which note:

Jonas, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack and Zach – those are the names of your new favourite band. And, luckily for all of us, they’re on the rise.

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