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Wizard Radio - Sundown Festival 2017: Friday Review


Sundown Festival 2017: Friday Review

Friday marks the first day of Sundown Festival, and everyone’s turned up looking their best ready to have a blast

Sundown Festival 2017: Friday Review

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Ryan Braier-Lorimer

W!ZARD News Author

Friday marks the first day of Sundown Festival, and everyone’s turned up looking their best ready to have a blast.

Despite the depressing forecast of storm and showers today, it was all sun which was nothing but good news. The girls have turned up with glittery faces, with the blokes in shorts and tank tops in this beautiful weather.

The festival opened out to show a ton of fair ground rides, a wide range of food stands to suit anyone’s taste buds, and enough bars to provide drink for everyone’s needs. With only some people turning up today to make the most of the extra day, just one stage was open but let me tell you, it was booming.

Starting with a heavy house vibe, moving through grime into dirty DNB, the Mystree Sent provided all the dance vibes to give a taste of what’s to come in what promises to be a weekend packed full of fun.

If maybe the Mystree Stage was a bit too crazy for you, and you were looking for a slightly more chilled vibe, the Penguin Platform Stage was pumping out some great garage, and some more mellow DNB classics in a smaller tent.

There’s also the VIP Acoustic Stage which yesterday hosted a variety of singer/songwriter artists, the tropical tea party which banged out all your go to funk and disco tunes, as well as the Nest, the Penguin Platform and the Main Stage which were all closed.

Everyone is buzzing to see all their favorite artists this weekend, and danced the Friday night away with the live performances of their musical heroes in mind.

One thing which does set the festival apart from other big festivals is the selection of vintage clothes shops whose prices are fair to say the least. It looks this festival is going to be the perfect to the summer festival period.

All in all Friday night gave a good taste of what to expect for the rest of the weekend, and got everyone excited, and eagerly anticipating the appearance of some talented artists. Bring on Saturday Sundown!

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