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Wizard Radio - Interview with Desmond John


Interview with Desmond John

We catch-up with one of the most exciting new entries in music as he teases new original music...

Interview with Desmond John

Desmond John

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

We’re fortunate enough to interview a lot of talented artists on here, but none is more exciting right now than Desmond John.

The artist has been hard at work, on the grind, for the past few months after releasing a series of covers last year from his bedroom. But these covers are super cool – Usher, PartyNextDoor, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller and more. Perhaps our favourite was his cover of ‘Versace On The Floor’ by Bruno Mars.

This past June, things stepped up a notch with professional music videos and songs appearing on streaming platforms (his mash-up of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ and Shawn Mendes ‘Mercy’ has 35,000 views) and he’s been in the studio with multi-Grammy Award winning producer Kuk Harrell who has steered music from Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Beyonce.

This week he’s been teasing original music on his social media, and we just had to catch up with him. Below is our interview:

Your growth, as an artist, over the past few months has been incredible. How has it felt being Desmond John this summer?

Thank you so much! It's been a very exciting process over the past few months. I've had great team behind me and we've all been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to make this all possible. I've learnt so much and hope to continue my growth.

Does it feel like it's been a quick progression? Your first song only dropped on Spotify this past June.

Yes for sure. I wasn't expecting the progression to go quite so quickly but thanks to all the support, we've been able to get things moving at a good pace. It’s been really exciting!

You had been posting bedroom covers on YouTube for a while before your cover of 'Confessions / Don't Judge Me' landed on Spotify. What was it like to make that transition?

It was exciting because I had never made any of the covers available for streaming/purchase. I also know what type of positive impact streaming platforms are having on the music industry, so making my music available on these platforms was an important move to me.

In particular, your mash-ups have gained a lot of attention. The 'Confessions' mash-up has over 20,000 streams on Spotify, your mash-up of 'Shape of You / Mercy' has over 35,000 views on YouTube. How do you choose the songs for your mash-ups?

I try to keep the song choices as authentic as possible. I'll only cover a song if it is genuinely something that I listen to or inspires me. Then I play around with the melodies and lyrics and see what works together… it’s quite a natural process.

Your latest cover of 'Passionfruit' by Drake is the most "produced" song we've heard from you so far. Why did you decide to make that transition from acoustic covers to a more 'produced' sound?

Well my ‘Passionfruit’ cover was the last cover of mine before I start releasing original material, and I wanted the transition to make sense sonically.

The videos that accompany your covers are also amazing and extremely high quality. What's it been like filming them? Any fun memories?

Filming the videos has definitely come with some great memories. I work with a small video production team who I've grown close with over the past few months, so shooting with them always ends up being fun!

What has been the most amazing or surprising part of the past few months for you?

The support I've received from my fans. It's amazing to have people behind me who believe in this project and what we're doing. None of it would be possible without all of you guys.

This week we have seen you teasing a new track on your social media? Can you tell us what's going on...?

I'm can’t say too much just yet, but definitely get prepared for the release of original music. It's going to be out very soon...

Well, we can definitely see that you've been in the studio a lot recently! What do you like most about being in the studio, and what has been your best session so far?

Studio is always good. Being creative and working with like-minded people makes the process very enjoyable. I'd have to say a few of my sessions in Atlanta have been the best so far. Recording with Kuk Harrell was a memorable experience. He’s someone who’s worked with some of the biggest artists in music and he’s so knowledgeable. In the week that we spent together I learnt so much from him.

What do the next few months hold for you?

I've got a very busy few months ahead. I’ve got some small performances in London, New York and the release of original music are all happening before the end of the year so I've got to be on my A game. I'm very excited and appreciative for all the support I've received and can't wait to grow and make more memories with my fans.

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