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Wizard Radio - On The Rise: Tayá


On The Rise: Tayá

Tayá oozes cool in the way that a suited man in a 1960s jazz bar thinks he's cool. Only Tayá is actually cool (and less greasy).

On The Rise: Tayá


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Flashback: It’s the 1960s, you’re a smartly dressed gentleman walking into a jazz lounge. Whilst puffing on your cigar, you make your way to the bar and ask for “one on the rocks” in a husky voice. Suddenly a voice appears from the stage. It’s cool and calm – a bit poppier than the jazz you were expecting – but still this is something you can “get down with”*.

Introducing: Tayá

*(For historical purposes, we’re not sure that the phrase “get down with” was used in the 1960s).

Why did we start this week’s On The Rise with that flashback? Because Tayá oozes the same levels of cool that you probably thought you had if you were that man in the 1960s. Only, now we’re in 2017, we know that Tayá is much cooler (and less greasy).

The Liverpool-based artist produces music which is categorically R&B – but her catchy hooks have the potential for a big pop cross-over. She first caught our attention with ‘Deeper’ in 2016 (her fifth single) – a track which merged electronic, drum and bass beats with her smooth voice.

But it’s 2017’s ‘When Ur Sober (feat. Yxng Bane)’ which really solder her.

The song, which combines jazz and R&B influences to form a pretty great pop track, is about how a man refuses to say those all important words when he’s sober, leading the girlfriend to start losing her patience.

By “those all important words” we’re assuming that Tayá is referring to the words, “The name is Bond, James Bond” or “Would you like fries with that?” because if it’s not those words, then it really is an anti-climax.

Yxng Bane’s feature is good too.

Since the single, in September 2017 Tayá released her self-titled EP (featuring ‘Deeper’, ‘When Ur Sobr’ and 4 other songs) and really it all confirms one thing: Tayá is the gal we all wish we could be.

She’s an artist on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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