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Wizard Radio - On The Rise: EDEN


On The Rise: EDEN

EDEN is the future - and his new album 'Vertigo' is the future too. Well, it's coming out in January 2018.

On The Rise: EDEN


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In a world of a constant turn-table of indie-pop bops, very few artists On The Rise can claim a solid catalogue of high quality, meaningful tunes since 2015 (2 years before signing with a major label).

Introducing: EDEN

The Irish electronic musician and singer-songwriter (real name: Jonathan Ng – yes, his surname only has two letters and we love that) first appeared in 2015 when his track ‘Nocturne’ was released by SuicideSheep (linked to a very famous YouTube channel of similar name). From there, his brand of emo-pop-synth was established and worldwide domination has been the plan ever since.

Worldwide domination has looked relatively likely since 2016.

i think you think too much of me’ (yes, all lower case, AND WE LOVE THAT) is EDEN’s multi-million streaming EP which features bops such as ‘sex’, ‘drugs’, ‘and’, ‘rock + roll’ which is actually a very smart selection of songs and ordering when you think of it.

Highlights off that EP – and his first project with Astralwerks (the same label as Halsey!) – are definitely the drum-fuelled ‘sex’ with the catchy and relatable hook, “I don’t know how to forget you” which really hits home to those thoughts we have on a night out when we just can’t stop thinking about how proud our parents would be of us right now; as well as the more depressing ‘drugs’.

EDEN is clearly an artist who loves his fans (as should be the norm); it’s known that in his live sets he invites fans to take over his Snapchat account. Very 2017. He also likes to release a LOT of music, which fans tend to like.

In 2017, we witnessed the release of ‘start//end’ which is a bit Flume-y and, most recently, ‘gold’ which channels a mixture of Niall Horan, Lauv and The 1975 (if ever such a collective existed!) – both singles are linked to EDEN’s upcoming album, ‘Vertigo’ due for release on January 2018.

Already racking up millions of streams, it’s no surprise that expectations are high for EDEN. He’s the future. We’re very excited that he’s on the rise, and we can’t wait for us to be able to say “We told you so” when he inevitably blows up.

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