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Wizard Radio - Review: The Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea) - Chris Jericho


Review: The Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea) - Chris Jericho

Review: The Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea) - Chris Jericho


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In the year 2008 I was 10 years old. Chris Jericho had just returned to WWE and he had one plan in mind: to make every single person hate him. He was probably the last wrestler I would sincerely hate before, eventually, leaving my love of wrestling behind to start a radio station two years later.

After already being crowned one of the most successful wrestlers of all time, Chris Jericho returned to the ring and put everything on the line. His new autobiography, “The Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea)” starts with his first few steps back into the ring and ends in present day. That’s a lot of content to fit into 400 pages, but Jericho does it with the same charm, charisma and bluntness that have made him so famous.

Jericho takes you through every major event in his career since his return (and even some bits before) step-by-step, including his inspirations behind different ideas, his struggles and even his real life fights (remember that time the whole of Canada wanted him arrested for ‘beating up a fan’?) There’s a brash nature to the book which truly makes it feel like a conversation between Jericho and yourself – there is true intimacy within his writing. So much so that even somebody such as myself, who hasn’t watched wrestling for 4 to 6 years, was engaged and held captive by his words.

It’s truly surprising how decisions that seem so small to the WWE Universe (the name given to fans of the sports entertainment network) are actually so deeply thought through – am I going to wear long tights or trunks in the ring tonight? At which point am I going to cut this guy off from speaking and beat him up? You know… every day decisions.

If there’s one thing I gained from this book in a big way is a new found respect for wrestlers and the art of wrestling – no longer do I view them as the grown up men who like to forget that Halloween is only one night a year but, instead, they are masters of acting, knowing exactly how to grip and deceive an audience the whole time.

Life as a WWE wrestler isn’t easy – especially if you’re the biggest and baddest heal (‘baddie’ in wrestling terms) in town. After that incident when Jericho punched Shawn Michael’s REAL WIFE in the face (a mishap caused by bad timing) it caused REAL FANS to REALLY want to punch Jericho in the face. And, some of them REALLY did. Imagine having to act bad the whole time – even if this means turning down little Jimmy’s autograph request even after his Dad has shouted obscene language at you.

The name of the book does seem to haunt Jericho at times though. At many times, whilst reading, you are left thinking: “This guy does know that he’s the best in the world… and he doesn’t shut up letting you know he’s a main event superstar!” But, then again, you are reading his book.

At the same time, though, Jericho presents a sense of vulnerability in this chronicle of his life. Accounts of incidents such as his visit to Tribute to the Troops (WWE’s annual tour of US war zones) truly show the real side of Jericho outside of his spandex skin. Suddenly, the man that had so successfully made me hate him had me on his side.

Whilst wrestling is not the most respected art in the world, Chris Jericho makes it hard for you to fight against it. If you’re looking for a book to grip you this Christmas, no matter your age, then try Chris Jericho’s third installation in his series of autobiographies. He’s truly the best in the world, and let this book be the highlight of the year.

"The Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea)" by Chris Jericho is available now in hardback from all major book retailers.

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