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Alec Feldman's A Terrible Human Being

Talking of obvious news headlines... Alec asks listeners for the reasons they too are terrible people

Alec Feldman's A Terrible Human Being

This is the cover of The Orwell's album "Terrible Human Beings". It has nothing to do with Alec Feldman or this story.

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

An amnesty for acts of random unkindness.

Alec Feldman tries to be a nice person – we all do. But sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. We do something bad to another person, but we just don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. This is the safe space to share those stories.

Alec’s Geordie flatmate was a bit... “tired and emotional” one night, and she fell over into their Christmas tree and destroyed it, sustaining minor injuries. Whilst any decent person would ask after her wellbeing, Alec... well, he laughed. Then he asked you for your “I’m a terrible human being, but...” stories.

Listen below, and if you have your own act of random kindness you want to admit to, email, with “I’m a terrible human being, but...” in the subject line – it might get read out on air in a future week!

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Alec Feldman Is A Terrible Human Being

Alec Feldman reads out listener's comments about how they, too, are terrible people. (4 minutes)

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