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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: Australian Flu Hotline


Alec Feldman: Australian Flu Hotline

Alec creates mass hysteria over the latest infectious disease.

Alec Feldman: Australian Flu Hotline

A generic image of someone sneezing... we assume that's what this flu makes you do?

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Britain loves to panic over a flu outbreak – who remembers bird flu? And swine flu? The latest type of flu to hit our shores is the Australian flu.

Alec Feldman has been checking the disease maps of the UK to find out which areas are hotspots, and he set up an Australian Flu hotline to encourage listeners to inform on any family members or friends who they suspected of having it – but it quickly got out of hand.

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Alec Feldman: Australian Flu Hotline

Alec Feldman launches a fake Australian Flu Hotline on his show for listeners to inform on people they suspect of having the flu! (3 minutes)

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