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Wizard Radio - Myles McCaulskey on Culture II


Myles McCaulskey on Culture II

Migos new project 'Culture II' is out everywhere now - Myles picks his top tracks from the album...

Myles McCaulskey on Culture II


Myles McCaulskey

W!ZARD News Author

When Migos dropped their highly anticipated project ‘Culture II’ nobody could have expected that we would be wowed with a whopping 24 tracks!

It’s been a year since the North Atlanta trio released their big debut commercial album – ‘Culture’ – off the success from ‘Bad & Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)’. The dope record had 9 less tracks than ‘Culture II’ but apart from a few songs the project was on heavy rotation throughout 2017. Let’s also not forget the other collaborative projects Migos were involved in (e.g. Quavo X Travis Scott’s ‘Huncho Jack’, Metro Boomin X 21 Savage & Offset ‘Without Warning’ & the Quality Control Album.

The main purpose why I co-signed most of the tracks on these projects was the rappers flow on the tracks & the beat which usually had a mad energy which made you bop your head, regardless of what mood you were in.

However, I started to notice a change in Migos’ music from Quavo X Travis Scott’s ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ in December 2017. These beats seemed a lot more stripped back and were less turnt and more vibey. Unlike in ‘Culture’, it took me about a week to warm to the project and made me question whether ‘Culture II‘ would follow suit. I was right.

Culture II‘ took a lot of people by surprise. Songs like ‘Made Men’, ‘Gang Gang’ ‘Stir Fry’ were curveballs to the ‘Migos’ sound. Especially the hype from their first single ‘Motor Sport’ which featured Nicki Minaj & Cardi B. Most people thought following ‘Motor Sport’ the rest of the album would follow that path.

By now I’ve listened to the album over 10-15 times and although I can still say in my opinion ‘Culture’ still trumps ‘Culture II’ the sophomore album is still a very decent project, and a few songs stand out for me!

Here are my top 5 songs from ‘Culture II‘...

Gang Gang

The stripped back sound from the Migos like I said was different but if they keep making songs like this I don’t think many people will be mad at all. Takeoff stole the show on this one!

Too Playa (feat. 2 Chainz)

The first album gave us these same artists on a track called ‘Deadz’ so why mess up a winning formula! 2 Chainz kills his verse, the instrumentation of the track, mainly the saxphone seamlessly blends into the whole track too. Probably my favourite track right now.

Notice Me (feat. Post Malone)

Another laid-back track in the top 5! To be honest, Post Malone lowkey steals the track because of the hook. However, the whole track is just a vibe. Not much I can say on this one. I like it.

Walk It Talk It (feat. Drake)

On the first play through of the album this one the track I gravitated to the most. Drake’s verse is calm, but I think it’s the chorus everyone has time for. Shout out Quavo saying “Walk It Like I Talk It” so many times. Ask me in a couple weeks if I like this song and it might get replaced with ‘CC’ featuring Gucci Mane however.

Made Men

I think Takeoff is the best rapper when it comes to the Migos chemistry and what they offer. This song would be a good point to anyone who disagrees with me. Although Quavo’s melody on this song is dope too! It’s on another one of ‘Culture II’s calm instrumentals too.

Listen to the full album on Spotify now...

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