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Wizard Radio - ReverbNation Discover | From The Curator... Kory Bard


ReverbNation Discover | From The Curator... Kory Bard

The first 'From The Curator' pick on ReverbNation Discover is SOCAL by Kory Bard

ReverbNation Discover | From The Curator... Kory Bard

Kory Bard


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ReverbNation Discover is our brand new radio show on W!ZARD Radio Station, on Friday evenings from 7pm (GMT).

The radio show is the new place to discover fresh new artists, as well as to gain music industry insight and expertise on how to fulfil your music career ambitions – with help from ReverbNation’s platform for new artists and it’s expert insight into all different aspects of the music industry.

On each episode of ReverbNation Discover, we will be going to one of the acclaimed ReverbNation curators – whose job it is to sift through all of the music being uploaded onto the platform and find the best of the best – to find their picks of the week.

This week, one of the ReverbNation curators picked SOCAL by Kory Bard.

Listen to the track today, and to James Gilmore revealing this week’s ‘From The Curator’ pick on ReverbNation Discover, below.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

From The Curator... Kory Bard

James Gilmore unveils the latest From The Curator pick on ReverbNation Discover... SOCAL by Kory Bard. (1 minute)

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