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Wizard Radio - Review: Reputation (BRIT Awards International Female Solo Artist Nominee)


Review: Reputation (BRIT Awards International Female Solo Artist Nominee)

Taylor Swift is nomianted for International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards - Meagan takes a look at her latest album...

Review: Reputation (BRIT Awards International Female Solo Artist Nominee)

Taylor Swift


W!ZARD News Author

Big Reputation, big reputation... you and me, we got big reputations” sings Taylor Swift on her newest single ‘End Game’ off her sixth studio album, ‘Reputation’. And if there is one thing this album touches base on, it's how perfectly she said goodbye to the old Taylor.

It was near radio silence from Taylor Swift in 2017, dropping off the social media radar until one day, a snake appeared on her socials and we knew something was up. It hit us like the deep emotions this album so incredibly describes. And now it's up for many awards and Taylor strikes again as an individual, including at this Wednesday's BRIT Awards where she is nominated for International Female Solo Artist.

Her album begins with one of my favorites ‘Ready For It..?’ which quickly became the anthem of College Football (If you know me, that's a big deal). Then she swoops right into ‘End Game’, featuring none other than Ed Sheeran and my favorite rapper, Future. I mean could this album get any better? Yes, yes it can.

Have you listened to ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’? No? Get to it. It's witty, she throws the shade, and clearly her haters can't be nice and her poor mama has listened to too much drama! END THE MADNESS. But then Taylor hits us in the feels with ‘Gorgeous’ (which honestly? Is it about her boyfriend OR HER CATS?! It's her cats in my mind… even if they aren’t mentioned). And let's not forget, the word ‘gorgeous’ at the beginning is said by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's daughter James. CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

But let's hit on my favorite song off this entire album, ‘I Did Something Bad’. Goodbye ‘Blank Space’, New Taylor is in town and she goes in on all her exes on this track. It's the most fun she's ever had and would definitely do it all over again if she could. Me too, Taylor, me too. Exes are in the past for the reason and when you need to call them out, BABY DO IT.

However, Taylor Swift does go soft on ‘New Year's Day’ and ‘Dress’. Not too soft though but it shows off a deeper side we haven't seen before and I like that, because it isn't necessarily the slow songs that are cookie cutter pop. It has emotions and it shows Taylor off as being a new, mature person sharing her feelings with, well… the whole world.

Our girl Taylor Swift is up for International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards, and it’s be clear: Girls rule the world and Taylor is right at the top of the throne, where she belongs.

Reputation’ is just an icing on the cake showing off just how badass she is and that she is done playing games with her haters, the media, and lousy exes. So, if you need to find an anthem for yourself, you know where to go.

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