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Wizard Radio - Interview with Milo Manheim & Meg Donnelly | Disney Channel's Zombies


Interview with Milo Manheim & Meg Donnelly | Disney Channel's Zombies

We interview the cast of Disney Channel's latest Original Movie, Zombies.

Interview with Milo Manheim & Meg Donnelly | Disney Channel's Zombies

Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly in Disney Channel's Zombies | © 2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Here’s an entirely hypothetical question: If you were an American football playing zombie and fell in love with a cheerleader in an “against all the odds” situation, who would you want to play you in the movie about your life?

Well... the answer is that as a zombie your name would be Zed and you would be played by Milo Manheim and the cheerleader would be called Addison and she would be played by Meg Donnelly.

And the film would be broadcasted on Disney Channel on the 23rd of March at 6pm (GMT).

With singing and dancing.

Ahead of the TV premiere of Disney Channel’s new original movie ‘ZOMBIES’ (premiering on Disney Channel on the 23rd of March at 6pm (GMT) and starring Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly) we interviewed the cast to find out more!

WR: The film is called ‘Zombies’ and it features zombies and zombies are scary. How scary is this film?

Meg: It’s not scary. Honest! It’s a movie about zombies, but it’s not scary.

Milo: It has incredible dancing, catchy songs and a really fun story.

Meg: The scariest thing about the movie is the humans, who don’t see eye-to-eye with zombies. There’s comedy. There’s romance. There’s a little bit of everything in the movie.

WR: Humans are often the scariest people anyway! What scares you in real life?

Meg: What scares me? I hate the darkness.

Milo: Me too! I am so scared of the dark, it’s not even funny. The dark is petrifying. You don’t know what’s there. It’s unknown. It’s horrible.

Meg: I agree! For me, it’s about the unknown. I think it’s terrifying that you don’t know what’s there in the darkness. It’s horrible.

WR: Do you believe in supernatural beings, like zombies?

Milo: I don’t really believe in the supernatural. I think very logically, so I’m more scared of realistic things rather than the make believe.

Meg: I wish zombies were real. That would be cool. Especially the zombies from our movie, because they are all lovely. I always believed that mermaids were real. Hopefully they are. I really, really hope so!

WR: Have you ever experienced a ghostly encounter?

Meg: I haven’t, but there were always noises coming from my basement when I lived in a place in New Jersey. That was always scary. In my apartment building in New York, I would always hear noises that would freak me out – especially voices. I’m not sure it was a ghost, though.

Milo: Let me tell you a story… I used to have a cat named Steve. He would always lick my face when I was lying on the ground – but when I was six years old, my cat passed away. About a year later, we had a new cat and his name was Jeff. I remember lying down outside. I was crying about something, but I’ve forgotten what it was about. Anyway, I was seven years old and Jeff came along and licked my face. I was like, “Whoah!” It wasn’t a ghost, but it could have been Steve. It was weird.

WR: Whoah… Scary! Have you ever been to a haunted house?

Meg: I have. I love haunted houses! Wait… Not a real haunted house. That would be terrifying. I mean Halloween mazes and make-believe haunted houses at that time of year. I wouldn’t go anywhere near a real haunted house!

WR Is there a scary zombie song everyone is going to be singing in ZOMBIES?

Meg: To be honest, lots of the songs are happy and quite lovey, although there’s a spooky song when we go to Zombietown. It’s a song called BAMM – and it’s really, really catchy and fun.

Milo: We hope everyone sings along to the soundtrack, but the songs aren’t scary. This movie isn’t about showing zombies as scary beings. It’s about showing the world not to judge people by their looks. There’s a message of acceptance in our movie. It’s about not having preconceived ideas about people. It’s about accepting everyone, no matter what they look like.

WR: What would you do if you came face-to-face with a real life zombie?

Meg: A zombie? After being in this movie, I would totally talk to a zombie.

Milo: Me too! If I came face-to-face with a zombie from our movie, I would become best friends with it. It would be a different story if I came face-to-face with an undead, real zombie. In that case, I would probably run. Quickly! I’d be out of there in a flash.

Don't miss Zombies on Disney Channel on the 23rd of March at 6pm (GMT).

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