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Wizard Radio - Meagan's Still Figuring It All Out: The Meet & Greet

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Meagan's Still Figuring It All Out: The Meet & Greet

Meagan was meant to meet 5 Seconds of Summer... but things didn't quite go to plan.

Meagan's Still Figuring It All Out: The Meet & Greet

Meagan Berneaud's Still Figuring It All Out

Meagan Berneaud

W!ZARD News Author

That one time you thought you were going to meet your favourite band and then it doesn’t happen…

Just a few short weeks ago I got the message that I’ve been hoping and dreaming for. I was going to meet 5 Seconds of Summer!

Instantly I began to freak out.

What should I wear? How should I do my hair? What do I say to them? Millions of possibilities were running through my head as I was trying my absolute best not to openly show my excited emotions in the middle of my work day. 23 shows later and I was going to finally hug them.

I bought a brand new outfit and even got my hair done. I even went far enough to get my nails professionally painted. I packed my bags and next thing you know, I’m on my flight to Los Angeles to meet the guys I’ve supported for nearly 6 years.

I was very calm, I wasn’t openly showing my feelings but inside I was screaming for excitement. Three hours prior to leaving for the event, my California-based best friend came over to my hotel to do my makeup and my Mom was curling my hair. Once I put on my freshly new outfit, tears began to flow. I was only an hour away from meeting 4 guys that mean a lot.

Once we got off the shuttle and got in line to get our passes, things took a sour turn...

Let me just say there was 8 of us + our guests who were meeting 5SOS after a nationwide contest we won. They were shuffling us through the pass list line rather quickly and then told us we needed to get in the back of the line of fans who have been waiting all day to enter the event. We were told completely different on the shuttle that we wouldn’t have to wait and that we would go inside right away.

It’s funny. Once off that shuttle, the staff at the Meet & Greet acted like they didn’t know us and that we had fake emails. Sorry, but none of us were LA-based so how else did we get here?! I knew things were fishy when a friend of mine texted me saying Meet & Greet photos were already popping up on Twitter. Instantly anger and confusion took over. I stood my ground and showed my angry emotions. Why were we still stuck outside?! Why were we missing the Meet & Greet hour?!

One employee finally decided to act like she knew us and claimed that we received the wrong itinerary and that we were never part of this and we were brought here on accident. The “Meet & Greet” was a Q&A, not to meet the band. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the difference.

It’s always a hurtful situation when you are built up for something extremely exciting to happen only for it to be torn away from you.

If you read this, I hope that this never happens to you and if in some unfortunate reason it does, stand your ground! Your time will come for something this amazing to happen and even if it makes you sad, it’s going to be 100% more exciting when the day actually does happen because then you can laugh about the crazy situation that happened before.

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