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Wizard Radio - Interview with Ebru Ellis


Interview with Ebru Ellis

The former backing singer Craig David and Sam Smith is launching her solo music career...

Interview with Ebru Ellis

Ebru Ellis

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Some people are just meant for the limelight.

Ebru Ellis has performed backing vocals for the likes of Craig David and Sam Smith, providing backing vocals for award-winning single ‘Stay With Me’, and performing at the likes of the ELLE Fashion Awards.

Now, with debut single ‘Bocks’ released in 2017, she is ready to go at it alone and become the pop-star she was always destined to be.

We interviewed the rising star about her time with Craig David and Sam Smith, single ‘Blocks’ and more. Read the full piece below!

WR: It’s our pleasure to be speaking with Ebru Ellis! Ebru, how are you?

EE: Hi! I'm doing really great, thank you for taking the time out to speak with me! This has been a week of great news for me so I'm basking in pure joy!

WR: Your current single “Blocks” is your debut solo single – where did you get your start in music?

EE: I've been singing since I was a very little girl but I didn't hit the stage as a solo until I was 13 years old. I entered the 'Stars In Their eyes' competition in my secondary school. I was this terrified, little girl in the corner of the stage with a microphone but the response I got was phenomenal and it really boosted my confidence to continue singing. Along the way, I met a team of people who helped to develop my talent and a long way down the line and here I am, still pursuing my dreams

WR: A few years ago you were working as a backing vocalist for the likes of Craig David and Sam Smith – what were those experiences like?

EE: It was a great experience because I got to see them in action and do it so successfully! I love celebrating others and supporting them on their journey; no matter how big or small. It was an honour to be part of their music in some shape or form.

WR: Why did you decide to leave being a backing singer and go on to be a pop star in your own right?

EE: Backing singing has never been a long-term goal. It is a fantastic way to gain experience, to travel and of course, it pays the bills. But my dream has always been to be a recording artist that travels the world and performs. While I was doing backing singing and studio sessions for such incredible artists, I was also writing and recording my own music.

WR: How did ‘Blocks’ come about?

EE: ‘Blocks’ came about during a writing session I had with Nathaniel and Nait, who are both incredibly talented and have worked with the likes of Little Mix, Labrinth and Chase & Status. There was instant chemistry between us all and they were so supportive in giving me the platform to talk about the things that I have gone through. I was especially keen on writing about my musical journey thus far and how I've been trying for a long time and the various challenges and setbacks I've faced along the way. I had to learn to pick myself back up and keep on pursuing my dreams. You have to believe in yourself even if no one else will!

WR: What is the single about?

EE: ‘Blocks’ is about overcoming the setbacks that come along with pursuing anything that you love and want to succeed in. Sometimes it feels like it is never going to happen, and the anxiety and fear that comes along with that alone can be so hard to deal with but you have to find the strength and will power to keep moving forward.

WR: Where do you find inspiration for your original music?

EE: I find my inspiration from my experiences and those around me. After years of sounding like what others believed I should sound like, I made the decision to always be true to myself and go for what my heart wants. That moment liberated me so much because creatively speaking, I felt like I was a bird trapped in a cage. Being able to have the creative freedom is so important as an artist, otherwise it really does limit your inspiration.

WR: What is one thing people should know about Ebru Ellis that they might not otherwise know?

EE: I'm actually a really good swimmer! During my first swimming lesson at school, I got moved to the adult pool to swim with the year 6 students. I also passed my Life Saving Test right before I left primary school! I always got called half fish, half human. Haha!

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