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Wizard Radio - Hyer's Highlights: The Commonwealth


Hyer's Highlights: The Commonwealth

Benji Hyer responds to listener Matthew about what the Commonwealth means to young people...

Hyer's Highlights: The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Games 2018 are currently taking place in Queensland, Australia

Benji Hyer

W!ZARD News Author

The Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member-states that are mostly former territories of the British Empire.

Currently, they are competing in the Commonwealth Games on the East Coast of Australia, and that is going ahead without any political commotion.

The problem is that, despite the splendour of the Commonwealth Games, there is not a great deal of demand for the continuation of the Commonwealth.

Recently, reports in India, Nigeria and Jamaica explored what the old fellowship meant to young people from those countries, and it concluded that it meant absolutely nothing. Rather than being a profound union, it is for them an antiqued organisation representing a colonialist era and having zero impact on significant foreign policy.

It may still mean something to Brexiteers, who see the Commonwealth as Britain’s next trading area, however nearly every Commonwealth country opposed Brexit, and Leavers would be deluded to hope that old imperial patterns replace current EU trade.

On his Sunday radio show, Benji Hyer was cynical and sceptical of the need for the Commonwealth, but listener Matthew provided a more optimistic twist.

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Benji Hyer on the Commonwealth

Benji Hyer responds to listener Matthew who is optimistic about the need to have the Commonwealth. (4 minutes)

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