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Wizard Radio - New Music We Love: InZAYN in music, Sigrid saves the day and Thomas Rhett for Prezzie


New Music We Love: InZAYN in music, Sigrid saves the day and Thomas Rhett for Prezzie

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

New Music We Love: InZAYN in music, Sigrid saves the day and Thomas Rhett for Prezzie


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

It’s an in-ZAYN week for new music, as Zayn Malik releases his first new song since 2017 Sia-collaboration ‘Dusk Till Dawn’. The waiting has kind of paid off with new song ‘Let Me’ which sees many a high note.

Featured Song: ZAYN – Let Me

Let’s be honest, as much as you loved hearing ‘Dusk Till Dawn last year, it all got a bit much and the song was overplayed. It was good, but it wasn’t ama-ZAYN was it?! In ‘Let Me’, ZAYN tries to recapture some of the magic that was left on the ‘Mind of Mine’ album, and he does so with some success.

The song is staple ZAYN in that it’s an R&B-pop cross-over with plenty of high notes, a cool beat and good lyrics. But, is it ‘PILLOWTALK’? IS IT?! Because we don’t think it is. On ZAYN’s last album there was a… haunted-ness about every song, and if ‘Let Me’ is the “lead single”, then we’re expecting something very different from the new album. As long as he actually tours this album, we should all be fine.

Other Good Ones

Sigrid – High Five: The forever saviour of New Music Friday, ‘High Five’ is an absolute banger, no questions asked. Well, actually one big question: WHO KEEPS GETTING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF SIGGERS? We love the music it’s making, but she isn’t the least angry person we know, is she… Anyway, ‘High Five’ is perhaps our favourite new song this week. Perfect length, perfect lyrics, perfect Scandi-pop vibes, perfect Sigrid.

CHVRCHES – Miracle: We were excited for the new CHRVCHES album anyway, but ‘Miracle’ has definitely made us that bit more excited. On-par with lead single ‘Get Out’, it’s relatable, has an epic drop and you can just imagine it being chanted at a festival. It’s kind of perfect in many ways.

Bazzi – Myself: “New” artist Bazzi (he’s been releasing music since 2016, but if you still want to call him “new”, then keep fooling yourself) has just released his new album ‘COSMIC’ which features hit singles ‘Mine’ and ‘Why’. The album is pretty stellar all-round but ‘Myself’ sticks out as the perfect follow-up single to ‘Why’. There’s no collaborations on the new album, but we agree with Bazzi when he says he’s better by himself.

Thomas Rhett – Leave Right Now (Martin Jensen Remix): If we’re being honest, we were a tad worried when we heard that an EDM remix of Thomas Rhett was coming out – not that we would doubt Thomas Rhett’s creative decisions… EVER – but, unsurprisingly, this song is a banger. And not even a banger in a “dude wearing a tank top says every EDM remix is a banger”. Like an absolute, certified, party-friendly-but-still-has-great-musical-merit banger. It just works.

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood: This is what we call a “it’s only on repeat because they are famous” song. Is it as good as ‘Want You Back’? No. Will everybody sing it back to them at their gigs? Yes. If their name was “Bob Jones and the Wild Sheeps” would it be a good song? No. But we’ll give them merit because it’s a good attempt for a band with the world of pressure on their shoulders.

Also Good, But Maybe Not Quite Good Enough For So Many Words

Bebe Rexha – Ferrari: This is a very good song and we love Bebe Rexha. To be honest, if 5SOS hadn’t released today then this would be higher up on the list, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles… we have rules for a reason! We’re pretty sure that one day though the Beeb will be our Featured Song and we’ll all go back to being happy.

Florence + The Machine – Sky Full Of Song: She’s back! She’s back! Still dramatic? Yes. Still loads of references to water, fire and sky? Yes. It’s not quite your pre-party anthem, but it is a good song and we recognise good music here, which is why it’s made this list.

Craig David – Magic (feat. Yxng Bane: Yes.

Nicki Minaj – Barbie Tingz: Does this smell at least the tiniest bit like an attempt to overshadow Cardi B? Yes. Is it working? No. It’s a good song, we think, and we know that everyone has their problems. Whatever.

To listen to all of our favourite new releases, check out the New Music We Love playlist on Spotify, below.

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