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Wizard Radio - New Music We Love: Ariana Grande is back and The Vamps could have won the day


New Music We Love: Ariana Grande is back and The Vamps could have won the day

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

New Music We Love: Ariana Grande is back and The Vamps could have won the day

Ariana Grande

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

Let’s cut to the chase here - Ariana Grande has released new music and yes, there’s a lot of really great music out today as well (which we will definitely get to) but for now all we can do is talk about ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ and that’s how it is.

Featured Song: Ariana Grande – No Tears Left To Cry

Ari absolutely trolled the who universe by having a song that starts as a ballad (for like, 3 seconds) and then evolves into the best pop song that this summer is going to see – unless she releases more new music this summer, that is. As she says in the song, she’s feeling a vibe… and we’re feeling a vibe too!

On a more serious note, if the response to the Manchester Attack is that we shouldn’t allow terror to make us live in fear or change our day-to-day lives – then Ariana Grande has created the perfect response. It’s a song that respects a moment that is so painful for so many, whilst being true and honest to where Ariana’s head space is at right now.

Other Good Ones

The Vamps – Hair Too Long: If Ari hadn’t released a world class banger today, then this song would have been the best song released today. The Vamps’ best song ever (which is saying a lot because ‘All Night’ is a certified banger) – it’s addictive and shows off the band’s natural transition to recognising that, basically, they’re not 14 years old anymore. Many rounds of applause…

Billie Eilish – lovely (with Khalid): If anything, this collaboration is what we expected the new Ariana single would sound like, but either way we’re so happy that Billie Eilish’s voice is on it. At face value alone, Billie and Khalid collaborating is something that totally makes sense – and when you actually listen to the song, it’s even better than you could have ever expected. It’s epic and vulnerable at the same time, something Billie has become particularly good at.

Sugarland – Babe (feat. Taylor Swift): Written and featuring Taylor Swift herself, this song does a great job at introducing Sugarland (the country duo made up of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush) to a wider audience. There’s an unignorably Taylor Swift-ness about this song, which comes when TS writes your song I guess – but either way, it’s a great song and when it’s sunny outside that’s all that really matters.

Alice – GIRLS X BOYS: We’re calling it now – Alice is going to be a very big deal very soon. This is her debut single, and it says a LOT about where this star-to-be is headed. There’s a Madonna risqué-ness about it and in just 2 minutes and 38 seconds the song packs a lot of punch. Alice is being authentically Alice, and that’s resulting in some exceptional music. Definitely an underdog this week, but a song that will speak for itself.

Trent Harmon – Her: We’ve been playing Trent Harmon’s ‘You’ve Got ‘Em All’ on repeat for the past few weeks, and this song is such a great follow-up. Great song-writing and envious high-notes are what we’ve come to expect from Trent and he doesn’t disappoint in her…Her… HERRR! We’re onto something big with this one!

Also Good, But Maybe Not Quite Good Enough For So Many Words

Khalid, 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign – OTW: In a few weeks this song is going to be THE ONE. Like, when it’s actually the summer. For now, it’s a great song with some hugely talented people on it.

Anne-Marie – 2002: It’s a great song to release before your debut album comes out (and yes, we get that Ed Sheeran is a fan of you!!) but is it a breakout single that will push her to the top of the charts? No. But it’s a good summer bop, so that’s that.

The Chainsmokers – Somebody (feat. Drew Love): Exactly what you expect it to sound like but maybe a bit better than that.

Liam Payne – Familiar (feat. J Balvin): Seriously? I mean… where do we start? J Balvin is the most interesting thing about this song and probably the reason it’ll clock millions of streams. It’s not the bop that ‘Strip That Down’ was, and even that was considered lazy by some.

To listen to all of our favourite new releases, check out the New Music We Love playlist on Spotify, below.

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