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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: Ed Balls Day 2018


Alec Feldman: Ed Balls Day 2018

Alec celebrates the best day of the year in style.

Alec Feldman: Ed Balls Day 2018

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Thursday 28th April 2011. Just a normal day for then Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Until he gets a message from one of his staff telling him to check Twitter to read an article written about him, and he makes a fateful error that would change the course of history: instead of typing “Ed Balls” in the search box, he typed it somewhere else by mistake, and this happened...


This Tweet went viral, and ever since, Ed Balls Day has been celebrated every year on the 28th of April. It’s a time of great joy – a time to relax, spend time with family and appreciate the true meaning of Ed Balls.

One person who was particularly excited about Ed Balls Day was W!ZARD Radio Station’s very own Alec Feldman.

And he was not going to miss the opportunity to celebrate this iconic day in style – so he made a special Ed Balls Day song to mark the occasion. It’s really easy to sing along to as well – the only words are “Ed Balls”. This is the exact moment Alec Feldman celebrated the anniversary of Ed Balls’ legendary tweet.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Alec Feldman celebrates Ed Balls Day 2018

Alec Feldman celebrates Ed Balls Day 2018 in the most iconic way possible... and with a very special song! (3 minutes)

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