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Wizard Radio - New Music We Love: Rita steals the day, Selena has a song, Charlie Puth's new album is out


New Music We Love: Rita steals the day, Selena has a song, Charlie Puth's new album is out

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

New Music We Love: Rita steals the day, Selena has a song, Charlie Puth's new album is out

Rita Ora and at least two other unignorable pop stars

James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

As much as we think that Rita Ora is one of the most nonsensical pop stars around right now (one album in 6 years?), her latest single ‘Girls’ is what is professionally known as a #BANGER.

Featured Song: Rita Ora – Girls (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX)

When Rita Ora performed ‘Girls’ at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend last year, she performed it with Charli XCX and RAYE - so, at this time, we would like to give our condolences to RAYE for clearly not making the cut. However, the gap left by her curly, gingerish hair is filled by the most relevant female artists today (Cardi B) and one of the most exciting new vocalists (Bebe Rexha), so it’s for the greater good.

What Ms. Ora has so carefully constructed here is the recipe for a summer banger – at least two unignorable pop stars, a great melody, a song about kissing girls (taken out of Katy Perry’s rule book!) and a millennial pink artwork. It’s a hit waiting to happen… and a hit that will very much be a hit in a very big way.

Other Good Ones

Selena Gomez – Back To You: Let’s be real, this isn’t the new Selena track that we all wanted, but it’s a good song and Selena has had a bad enough week as it is (search: Met Gala Spray Tan) so we’re on-board for this. Although the song has been released to promote the new series of ‘13 Reasons Why’ (which she Exec Produces), it’s single worthy in itself and, overall, we’re very happy with her homework this week.

Noah Cyrus & MAX – Team: Whomever (yes, that is the correct grammar) decided to pair these two should probably get a bonus because BRAVO. Again, it’s not the new Noah Cyrus song we wanted (it lacks an… upbeat-ness about it) but it shows both NC and MAX’s vocal ability in a big way and it’s lyrically very sweet. We’ll always be on their team, that’s for sure.

Charlie Puth – Patient: The new Charles Puth II album has been released and this is the ‘One Call Away’ of the new album for sure. Here’s the headlines: Album is a modern classic, he’s literally going to be one of the biggest stars on the planet soon, yet we still feel he needs a hair wash. It’s just greasy man.

Lost Kings – When We Were Young (feat. Norma Jean Martine): In the DJ world, Lost Kings are one of our favourite duos (alongside The Chainsmokers, who they shared label and management with). This song is going to be a massive summer track and makes us want to go and see them at a festival RIGHT NOW. At 1.10 during the song is when we jump into the hot tub, stub our toe and get rushed to hospital for breaking our toe. BUT WHAT A DROP!

Gorgon City, Kamille & Ghosted – Go Deep: Any song which results in a Google Translate search goes straight in our basket (reference: Vine circa 2015). Anyway, “ce soir” means “tonight” so Kamille is going ‘deep’ tonight which either means that she is about to really bond with her best friend during midnight convos at a sleepover, or have a really wild night out. We hope it’s the latter, because this song would be PERFECT for that! Big fans we are.

Also Good, But Maybe Not Quite Good Enough For So Many Words

Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight: A great comeback from ‘Wild World’. In this song Bastille have been able to make an actually very good song which is fresh enough whilst also being definitively Bastille. That’s kind of every artist’s job, right? Well, they turned up today!

Charlotte Lawrence – Keep Me Up: The world really needs to pay more attention to Charlotte Lawrence because she personifies “honest pop” with her incredibly – wait for it – silky voice. Yes, silky is the adjective we chose.

Years & Years – If You’re Over Me: Yes, indeed, this is a good one. It has us clapping, that much is correct. It has an uplifting chorus despite actually having quite depressing lyrics, this is true. Is it ‘Desire’ though? Unfortunately not. But we’re one step closer!

Rich The Kid – Plug Walk (with Mabel): Let’s be honest, Mabel’s addition to this song isn’t quite what it could have been. Her verses are fine, but her version of the chorus isn’t.

To listen to all of our favourite new releases, check out the New Music We Love playlist on Spotify, below.

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