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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: Beard Roasting


Alec Feldman: Beard Roasting

Alec gets wrecked live on air.

Alec Feldman: Beard Roasting

This is a beard. This is not what Alec Feldman had on his face...

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Alec Feldman stupidly forgot to take his razor back to University with him. Which meant he was without it for three weeks.

Which meant he couldn’t shave for three whole weeks.

This would be bad enough if he was actually capable of growing proper facial hair… which he isn’t. He ended up with this really patchy, thin mess covering some of his neck, some of his chin and his sideburns – with no moustache and nothing on the cheeks. There was a picture posted on the @wizradio Twitter, but it was so horrific it has since been deleted.

But, it wasn’t deleted before Alec gave his listeners the chance to roast him, of course. He asked for your harshest, most creative, most offensive insults – and you did not disappoint.

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Alec Feldman Can't Grow A Beard

Alec Feldman lets listeners roast him about the piece of fluf on his face he refers to as a beard. (4 minutes)

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