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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: James’ Near Death Experience


Alec Feldman: James’ Near Death Experience

Producer James Gilmore popped up on Alec’s new Sunday show with a very traumatic story.

Alec Feldman: James’ Near Death Experience

This is an ice cream - and it's the thing that caused James to have a near-death experience.

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Due to multiple reasons, Alec Feldman has temporarily – and we cannot stress the word *temporarily* enough - taken over Sunday evenings on W!ZARD Radio Station.

For his first show, James Gilmore shared a traumatic story with him about a near death experience he’d had the night before – in an ice cream shop.

Yes, you read that right. An ice cream shop. But don’t worry – he had his priorities totally sorted, as Alec pointed out.

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James Gilmore tells his traumatic experience

Alec Feldman invites Producer James onto his show to tel his traumatic experience from the night before... (10 minutes)

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