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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: Weird Talents


Alec Feldman: Weird Talents

Turns out the W!ZARD Radio Station listeners are a talented bunch (although, we knew that anyway obvs)

Alec Feldman: Weird Talents

And here, behold, the lady who inspired it all: the world's fastest chip wrapper!

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Alec Feldman loves watching the local news for where he lives in Yorkshire, because occasionally, you get gems like this one: a story about the world’s fastest chip wrapper!

That wasn’t a talent Alec even knew existed until he saw that – and he wanted to know what weird talents the W!ZARD Radio Station listeners have. And you did not disappoint – we even heard from a World Record holder! Well... sort of.

Find out what their record was by pressing play below.

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Alec Feldman: Weird Talents

Alec Feldman reads about the weird talents of his listeners on W!ZARD Radio Station. (5 minutes)

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