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Wizard Radio - Alec Feldman: A Driving Disaster


Alec Feldman: A Driving Disaster

Coming soon to roads near you… Well maybe not that soon.

Alec Feldman: A Driving Disaster

This is a stock image of a playground roundabout. This isn't he sort of roundabout Alec got suck on, but in the future it's the only type he should be allowed to be on.

Alec Feldman

W!ZARD News Author

Alec Feldman has been learning to drive for a while now, and the date of his driving test is rapidly approaching. With that in mind, he managed to convince his parents to let him get some extra practice in one of their cars.

However, there was a crucial piece of information about the car that he didn’t know, which meant he really struggled to make it move. This led to a highly embarrassing incident on a roundabout.

Hear Alec relive this traumatic incident by pressing play below. If you can handle stressful situations, that is.

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Alec Feldman had a driving disaster

Alec Feldman had a highly embarrassing incident on a roundabout which makes us think he shouldn't be given his driving license... (5 minutes)

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