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Wizard Radio - ReverbNation Discover | Barney Artist Artist Profile


ReverbNation Discover | Barney Artist Artist Profile

Barney Artist is the latest Artist Profile as part of our ReverbNation Discover radio show

ReverbNation Discover | Barney Artist Artist Profile

Barney Artist


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ReverbNation Discover is the only place to discover fresh new artists, as well as to gain music industry insight and expertise on how to fulfil your music career ambitions – with help from ReverbNation’s platform for new artists and it’s expert insight into all different aspects of the music industry.

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In our new segment 'Artist Profile' we highlight, and speak to, a new artist who we're excited about and introduce them to the rest of the world. This week, it's Barney Artist.

East Londoner Barney Artist fuses 90's-inspired hip-hop with jazz for a refreshing sound that has placed him at the forefront of the UK's emerging hip-hop scene.

Taking inspiration from artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Kano and Ghostpoet, the artist released the 'Bespoke' mixtape in 2014, following it up with 'Painting Sounds' in 2016 - featuring collaborations with the likes of Jay Prince, Jordan Rakei, Nick Brewer, Alfa Mist and Tom Misch.

With a new album due out this year, he recently dropped two new tracks, including 'Rose Thorn (feat. Dornik)' which has him back on our radar.

Listen to James Gilmore introduce Barney Artist as our latest 'Artist Profile' and speak to him about his musical inspirations and his journey so far.

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ReverbNation Artist Profile: Barney Artist

James Gilmore introduces this week's RevervbNation Discover Artist Profile, UK hip-hop artist Barney Artist. (3 minutes)

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