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Wizard Radio - ReverbNation Discover | How do you deal with down time?


ReverbNation Discover | How do you deal with down time?

We invite budding musicians to submit their questions about the music industry.

ReverbNation Discover | How do you deal with down time?

Down time


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It's inevitable that at various points in their career (and, usually, multiple times in a year), an artist will experience "down time". This being the time when they aren't promoting a release, they aren't on tour and they aren't in the studio either. Just time off for everyone to take a pause and refresh for whatever comes next.

Handling down time comes easier to some artists than others - for some global touring artists, the break from the hype and the rush of promoting an album can be difficult to handle, for others "down time" presents itself when a campaign ends early because a release is taking longer to 'blow up' than expected. Either way, and as we discuss this week, the attitudes toward down time tend to be: it can either be 'handled' or it can be 'used'.

On the latest "Questions & Answers" segment on ReverbNation Discover, we answered the listener-submitted question: How do you deal with down time?

Listen to James Gilmore replying to the listener’s question and gain that crucial insight to push your music career ambitions in the clip below.

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How do you deal with down time?

James Gilmore replies to a listener questions - this week, he offers insight into how to make the most of your down time. (5 minutes)

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