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Wizard Radio - W!ZARD Radio Station Announces Rising Country


W!ZARD Radio Station Announces Rising Country

Danielle Bradbery is announced as our first Rising Country artist!

W!ZARD Radio Station Announces Rising Country

Rising Country © W!zard Radio Limited 2018

W!ZARD Radio Station

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W!ZARD Radio Station is excited to announce its brand new country music initiative: Rising Country.

Promoting exciting, fresh country artists to W!ZARD Radio Station’s global audience, this represents the first time that the category-leading entertainment company has united across the radio station in support of country music and culture.

Each month one Rising Country artist will be selected – this is an exciting emerging artist which the W!ZARD Radio Station team (including country radio host Madeleine Molly and producer/Managing Director James Gilmore) will be prioritising on-air for 1 month.

Being selected as the Rising Country artist comes with a whole package of support, including airplay on Madeleine Molly’s radio show each week for the month, cross-radio station playlist support, on-air and live event opportunities, online content and more.

The news was announced on Madeleine Molly’s show on 4th October 2018 with the announcement that Big Machine recording artist Danielle Bradbery will be the first ever Rising Country artist.

Listeners will be treated to exclusive content from Bradbery (including an exclusive interview) as well as live opportunities for her return to the UK this November.

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