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Wizard Radio - New Music We Love: Sigrid punches her way to the top, Halsey gives us everything we want and more


New Music We Love: Sigrid punches her way to the top, Halsey gives us everything we want and more

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

New Music We Love: Sigrid punches her way to the top, Halsey gives us everything we want and more


James Gilmore

W!ZARD News Author

After last week’s rollercoaster of a New Music Friday (at least Lil Wayne delivered his album…), this week is the week of the singles with some of the greatest pop BANGERS of the month… potentially year have been released. Here we go…

Featured Song: Sigrid – Sucker Punch

Siggers isn’t averse to a big pop bop, after all her debut ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ was a big one, but new single ‘Sucker Punch’ takes it to a whole new level. At times you need to remind yourself that this is Sigrid, the Norwegian singer on the rise, and not the undelivered Katy Perry album of 2017.

Not just is a great track (which it very much is), you can imagine this being performed in an arena! It has a massive sound, a stunning chord progression and has us giddy with excitement about what may be on the horizon for our favourite Scandi pop sensation.

Other Good Ones

Halsey – Without Me: We only saw her performing live in London a few weeks ago so we were very much in the mood for new Halsey. This new single is somewhere between ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ and Post Malone… which makes sense seeing as it was produced by Posty’s go-to producer Louis Bell. Just so you don’t need to speculate, yes this is probably about G-Eazy.

Jonas Blue – Polaroid (feat. Liam Payne & Lennon Stella): A new Jonas Blue banger and this one is going to be another chart topper. Fun Fact: This is Jonas’ first single with a major artist as the feature, in Liam Payne. Even though we have given Payno- mixed reviews in the past, he does glow on Blue’s production. Our fave Lennon Stella (her latest single ‘Bad’ is worth 1 million listens) steals the show on vocals in the second verse and proves that now is her time!

Alessia Cara – Trust My Lonely: OK, we agree that this isn’t as good as previous single ‘Growing Pains’ but there’s a nice vibe going on, meaningful lyrics and we’re a big fan of the chorus. It’s done its job – which we assume is to make us even more excited about her sophomore album… as if that was even possible!

Charli XCX & Troye Sivan – 1999: It’s the week of the redeemer as Charli XCX releases the first song for a while which has us back on her team. We’re not quite sure about what this is really about… or why it exists… but pairing her with Troye was a great idea, whoever came up with that (probably Charli, she’s smart in that way).

Alice Chater – Hourglass: This was released at the start of the week so kinda breaks the New Music FRIDAY rules (emphasis on FRIDAY) but if that means we get to enjoy it that much longer… no complaints! When we interviewed Alice she spoke of Madonna-level ambitions… and in ‘Hourglass’ she has a ‘Hung Up’ level track (which is actually a song that Alice has already covered!) which should be taking the world by storm any moment now…

Also Good, But Maybe Not Quite Good Enough For So Many Words

Jack & Jack – No One Compares To You: We really like this one, and we like Jack & Jack… but it does take a couple of listens to really get into this. But that’s no problem, because we have a feeling we’ll be listening to them for a very long time.

Twenty One Pilots – Morph: What’s going on TOP?! Their new album ‘Trench’ is out now and we haven’t found a ‘Stressed Out’, ‘Ride’ or ‘Heathens’ yet. But this one may be the closest to it.

Maisie Peters – In My Head: A very strong voice and an overall solid track. Also we like the lyrics on Verse 2 a lot, FYI.

To listen to all of our favourite new releases, check out the New Music We Love playlist on Spotify, below.

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