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Wizard Radio - Review: Room 94 - Room 94


Review: Room 94 - Room 94

The North London based band are back with a self-titled album

Review: Room 94 - Room 94

Room 94’s self-titled album is available to buy on iTunes now.


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The North London based band Room 94 are back with a self-titled album. The band is made up of three brothers: Kieran, Dean and Sean Lemon along with their best friend Kit Tanton. The currently unsigned band have been very successful by recording rock/pop music and building a true fan base in the UK and also outside of it.

The album opens with the track ‘So What’ which is a very catchy rock sound. “It’s okay to be a little different, go away, I don’t want to listen” is heard in the chorus making it a great track with good lyrics as it shows their fans that they are true to themselves and that they’re not going to change because someone tells them to. The instrumental on ‘Dirty Dancing’ makes it addictive and by far one of the best tracks of the album guaranteeing the boys even more success and more fans.

‘Monday’ is good lyrically however the lyrics suffer as they seem to be overshadowed by the electronic rock sound on the track, in this case this may not be too bad as the song still makes you want to move. ‘Too Young’ shows Kieran letting his anger out as he sings about trying to make relationships work. The track is a true rock song and the distorted vocals make it quite an intense sound in a very positive way.

On ‘X’s’ you can hear a mix of some heavy sounds as well as quite a bit of speaking by guitarist Sean. The track doesn’t seem like hit material however it shows the band’s great song-writing skill. ‘Keep Your Hand Off My Chick’ portrays the band’s rock sound with the raw vocals and heavy beats.

‘Gimme The Night’ is a runner up to ‘Dirty Dancing’ as it’s another song that guarantees Room 94 success. The repetition of the lyrics “gimme the night” makes the song very catchy and it’s sure a song that you’d dance to at a party. ‘Tell Me What Love Feels Like’ is yet another top song from the album, it has a rock sounding chorus however the whole track has a pop sound feel to it overall.

As the title of ‘Party Anthem’ claims, it’s certainly a song for a party. We hear Kieran singing repeatedly that ‘A little party never killed anyone’, this makes the song catchy and the message of it is very clear. ‘Poison’ is yet another catchy track from the album, a similar sound to ‘Too Young’ but a lot less angry and intense.

‘Pills’ and ‘Your Song’ are two very stripped back tracks and they show a softer side to the boys. By singing ballads the boys show that rock is not the only genre they can base their music around. Yet again, in these two ballads the band proves their great song-writing skill.

‘You’re So Last Week’ is a song with a mix between pop and rock. The band gives us yet another catchy song and one that I’m sure quite a few of the fans will relate to as the lyrics portray moving on from someone. ‘Meet Me On The Dance Floor’ gives us the pure rock sound feel that just wants to get us moving. With catchy lyrics and great instrumentals it’s impossible to say anything bad about it.

In the lyrics of ‘Radio’ we hear Kieran repeatedly singing ‘If my song was on the radio, would I be your number one’, this is yet another track with an extremely catchy chorus and it’s hard not to sing along to. ‘Good Life’ has got more of a pop/electronic sound than rock, making it slightly different from the other songs on the album but it’s certainly as good, if not better than some of the other songs.

In their self-titled album, the band Room 94 have worked with different genres and all of the songs have their own sound. From intense rock songs to ballads the boys have shown great song-writing skills and the different genres give them an even better chance of becoming more successful. The songs that are in my opinion a must-listen are ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Gimme The Night’, ’Pills’ and ‘Good Life’

Room 94’s self-titled album is available to buy on iTunes now.

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