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Wizard Radio - Review: McBusted (O2 Arena)


Review: McBusted (O2 Arena)

Review: McBusted (O2 Arena)


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“The boys prove just why they have all lasted so long in the industry…” - 5 Stars


Harry Judd (Drums) actually speaks during this concert. HIS VOICE IS NICE.

It is a well known fact that if Busted never existed, nor would McFly. Tom Fletcher was given the spot as the fourth member in Busted but was quickly ousted when management decided that the skater-boy pop band should be a threesome. With the record deal in hand, Fletcher enlisted the help of friend Danny Jones and scouted Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter to fill in the gaps.

When Busted broke-up in 2005 after being active for only 3 years the hearts of millions of kids were broken. McFly moved in to take their spot but (unbeknownst to many) James Bourne and Matt Willis of Busted fame stuck around with McFly and wrote music with them. Music that would be published as McFly music.

So – is watching McBusted perform in front of a sold-out O2 Arena a natural experience? Yes. It’s as if it should have been this way since the beginning.

With enough Number One’s between them to make each performance last a week (according to James Bourne, McFly get a Number One roughly every 15 months) – the lads have picked well.

10 Busted songs and 7 McFly songs (all of which would comfortably fit in a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation album) are performed with the heart, soul and dedication which you would expect from a band who sell their best tickets at £150.

It is apparent that every single person in that arena is obsessed with this collection of old and new hits. When James Bourne asks you to put your phone lights on, you put your phone light on. When Danny Jones asks you to put your hands in the air, you put your hands in the air. Heck – when Matt and Dougie ask you to scream penis… YOU SCREAM PENIS!

The set is out of this world. With the introduction including a flying DeLorean from Back To The Future (where McFly take their name from) and the McFly boys jumping out of the stage – you can instantly tell that, production-value wise, this concert will make history.

Think of the craziest ideas for a concert for two of the biggest bands of all time merging together. You want the band to perform on a moving UFO? They’ve got it. You want lighting-up guitars? That’s easy. You want huge footballs to throw around? Right at the end. Fire? It’s there. Wait… what about giant inflatable boobies? OF COURSE THEY HAVE IT.

The talking between songs isn’t the usual promotion dribble-drabble either. You get a mixture of Matt and Dougie kissing, Dougie’s nipples, conversations about how this ‘thing’ happened and Harry even talks. YES, HE HAS A VOICE.

With a concert this extraordinary, the mistakes stick out like a sore thumb. Most notably: James went completely out of time at the beginning of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ (yes, THEY EVEN PERFORM THAT ONE), Dougie’s guitar didn’t light up on the UFO (that’s a weird sentence to type…), the lighting on the UFO was pretty poor at times, Matt’s guitar wasn’t in tune properly and Danny (who is usually the hot spot of any McFly gig) seems to have lost his slot as ‘Lead Lad’ in this collection*.

*McBusted, we love all of you but Danny needs just a few more guitar solos.

Nevertheless, for the craziest night out, the O2 was the place to be.

To lift the spirit of those of you who do not have tickets (the majority of the tour is sold out) at the end of the concert it says, ‘To Be Continued…’ – whatever that means.

The boys – whose name will probably one day be the headline for a burger-chain law-suit – prove just why they have all lasted so long in the industry. They are funny, clever and awesomely talented.

By James Gilmore

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