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Review: The Voices

Preston Nyman's reviews The Voices

Review: The Voices

(left to right): The head of Gemma Arterton, the full body of Ryan Reynolds


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It’s really hard to describe why The Voices is so brilliant to someone without blurting out every single thing about it. Since seeing it at Sundance London early last year, it’s been difficult to contain my excitement for its official release, and so it brings me a great honour to review it.

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry Hickfang, a lonely bathtub factory worker who frequently holds conversations with his two pets, Mr Whiskers and Bosco (also voiced by Reynolds). But when Jerry meets Fiona, an English girl who works in accounting at the factory, things starts to get bad, as Mr Whiskers starts persuading him to use Fiona as the start of a killing spree.

Not only is the Michael R. Perry’s script brave and creative, Marjane Satrapi makes her English-language debut brilliantly colourful and enticing, managing to hit both style and substance perfectly. On top of this, Reynolds is likeable as ever, with The Voices quite possibly marking his greatest performance to date. For the most part, the supporting cast are also excellent, with Anna Kendrick especially standing out.

The Voices is a very funny film. But it’s also dark and upsetting. It succeeds at everything it sets out to do, and definitely warrants repeat viewings. Oh, and be sure to stay right though to the end credits for an extra surprise.

The Voices is out in UK cinemas now, and is available to rent on iTunes in the US.

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