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ReverbNation Discover | I want to become a music manager… how?

We invite budding musicians to submit their questions about the music industry.

ReverbNation Discover is the only place to discover fresh new artists, as well as to gain music industry insight and expertise on how to fulfil your music career ambitions – with help from ReverbNation’s platform for new artists and it’s expert insight into all different aspects of the music industry.

Listen to new episodes every other Friday, from 7pm (UK), only on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Each episode we invite listeners to submit their questions about the music industry and then we gather to work out the answers!

This week, a listener asked: I want to become a music manager... how?

Listen to James Gilmore replying to the listener’s question and gain that crucial insight to push your music career ambitions in the clip below.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

[audio audio="" title="I want to become a music manager… how?" descr="James Gilmore replies…

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BKMRK | How can schools approach and support issues of gender identity?

After reading the new book "The 57 Bus" by Dashka Slater, Lekhika asks about how schools can support issues of gender identity.

BKMRK | How can schools approach and support issues of gender identity?

This discussion is brought to you by BKMRK, the book club operated by Hachette Children's Group. To find out about Lekhika Chaudhary's book of the month as part of the BKMRK book club, click here.

The second book as part of Lekhika Chaudhary's BKMRK book club is The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater. Based on a true story, Dashka Slater tells the story of an assault that took place in 2013 in Oakland, California, Sasha (a white, agender, private school student) and Richard (an African-American, public school student) both get on the number 57 bus every day – their journeys overlapping by a mere 8 minutes each day.

One day, while messing around on the bus, Richard and his friends see Sasha napping on the back row. Richard flicks his lighter and sets Sasha’s skirt on fire – causing Sasha to wake up in…

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Advice / Opinion

10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr) | Plastic Confetti

At the end of TeenScope, Kup & Gurr invite you to send in your opinions on the fourth topic. Listen to the discussion now on 10 Minutes More...

10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr) | Plastic Confetti

Singer-songwriter Gary Barlow was criticised by environmental campaigners for using plastic confetti at a concert at the Eden Project in the UK - a festival which leads the way for being eco-friendly. As a result, Barlow has banned plastic confetti from all of his outdoor concerts moving forward.

However, this has sparked a debate as to how artists and musicians can make their concerts more eco-friendly and, specifically, whether it's time to get rid of plastic confetti in favour for paper confetti - similar to the debate ongoing at the moment about banning the use of plastic straws.

In the latest episode of 10 Minutes More (with Kup & Gurr), George Kup and Callum Gurr invite you to share your opinion on whether performers should be banned from using plastic confetti, following the live vote on TeenScope.

Listen to the full podcast below.

[audio audio="" title="10…

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