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Interview with The New Coast

James Gilmore interviews the East London duo about their new release 'Sleeptalk'

As we’re coming out of the summer, we’re all really trying to grasp onto those summery vibes for one moment longer. And, The New Coast are making it very easy to do just that.

The East London duo – made up of Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater – have been releasing music as The New Coast since 2016, and with each track their movement has been growing bigger and better.

The first single (‘Lost In Your Love’) is close to reaching 500K streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

Most recent release ‘Sleeptalk’ caught our attention for being everything that the band represents – the dreamy, indie-pop beat contrasting against the epic drum in the chorus; it’s as nostalgic as it is current. With this in mind, we had to sit down with the band and chat about where they’re at right now.

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Follow R5 on the New Addictions Tour

We're going to be with R5 on the Nottingham and Bristol dates of the New Addictions Tour

Seeing a band live is unlike any other experience – you know the songs, you follow the band members on every social media platform imaginable… now you get to see them in action!

But, what happens before? How does the band get ready for the show? What does sound check look like?

This weekend R5 land in the UK to kick off the European leg of their New Addictions Tour. And we’re going to be there giving you a view of everything going on behind the scenes.

On Sunday 17th September we will be joining R5 in Nottingham and on Monday 18th September we will be with the band in Bristol before, during and after their sets at Rock City and Fleece respectively.

Catch all of the action on our Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates, pictures and videos…

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W!ZARD Radio News

Roman Armstrong Leaving W!ZARD Radio Station

James Gilmore writes about Roman Armstrong's final show on W!ZARD Radio Station after nearly 6 years at the radio station

Roman Armstrong Leaving W!ZARD Radio Station

The following is a letter from James Gilmore, Founder and Managing Director of W!ZARD Radio Media

This evening was Roman Armstrong’s final radio show on W!ZARD Radio Station.

Our second-longest running presenter (after only myself), Roman has been an anchor through all of the amazing change and growth this coming has gone through over the past nearly 6 years he has been broadcasting with us.

What started (and continued) as two hours of fun, mischief and ridiculousness on a Sunday evening has led to some of my greatest memories and one of my best friends. The ending of Roman’s radio show was long-anticipated and was mutually agreed earlier this summer.

I am lucky to call Roman a close friend, someone who I know I will be speaking to as we both get old, and one of the most talented people I may ever know.

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