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Review: Thomas Rhett (Roundhouse, London)

A high-energy thrill with flawless performance - Thomas Rhett played a varied set in front of a pumped up London crowd

Thomas Rhett is a man with no limits when it comes to music. Since establishing himself with his debut “It Goes Like This” in 2013, Rhett has received crossover success with all singles debuting on the Billboards Hot 100 Chart and 9 of which hitting number 1. Alongside this, Rhett’s 2015 release “Tangled Up” was certified platinum in the US.

Thomas Rhett has become one of the leading male country stars to dominate this genre. Rhett reinvents his own sound with his latest release “Life Changes” incorporating elements of all music dating back to the 50’s. Every track outbids the last with musical elements that astound me to hear all on the same record. A favourite, “Leave Right Now” incorporates an EDM/Electronica feel that sounds like the 2017 three chord wonders while sticking to true country form.

Sweetheart” features a beautiful circular progression with vocal doo-wops…

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Discover New Music with Meagan: Timeflies

Each week on her radio show, Meagan introduces her listeners to a new band she’s really into right now. This week it's Timeflies

Each week on her radio show, Meagan introduces her listeners to a new band she’s really into right now. And then she writes it up and pops it online. Here is that write up for this week.

In 2012, most of the internet (myself included) fell head over heels for this duo, and now in 2017 I still buy tickets every time they come to town.

Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick are Timeflies.

The duo built a fan base on creative talent and interaction with their fans, after starting off on YouTube with their covers which took twists on popular music. With this, they took the music world by storm.

They are best known for mixing it up and throwing EDM style music on top of songs created by artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, One Direction and evening classical Disney…

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Alec Feldman’s Special Mystery Guest Returns (Oz Myerson)

Alec's surprise guest returned to the show to discuss the outcome of his challenge to work his way back to Oxford after being dumped, with no money in a secret location

Alec Feldman’s Special Mystery Guest Returns (Oz Myerson)

Last week on ’s show, he spoke to Oz Myerson and his two friends Esme and Carlo. Listen back to the interview, click here.

They were stranded in Nottingham, and tasked with finding their way back to Oxford in 24 hours - without spending any money whatsoever! They were doing this in aid of Oxford Homeless Pathways, Oxford Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Centre, Education Partnerships Africa and the Against Malaria Foundation.

When Alec Feldman left them, they were in a place called Crunch Munch in Nottingham, Oz had just waxed his legs and he was about to dye his hair green. When he caught up with them this week, he asked all the big questions: was Oz’s hair green, can they only eat in places where the name rhymes – oh, and did they make it back?

Find out by pressing play…

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