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Sundown Festival | Clean Bandit Review

A performance with hit-after-hit as the trio perform their never-ending playlist of hits.

Clean Bandit took over Sunday night, bringing Sundown to a close with a set that had everyone on their feet and singing. Sparklers set off for their entrance set the theme for an electrifying set, and with that, they had us hooked.

Starting with 'Real Love', they had us chanting along with them, as they showed off an impressive set of dance moves. The violinist showcased her incredible skills, bringing the crowds to an almighty roar.

The use of the lighting and lasers to set the tone for each song was done beautifully. 'Tears' had us all dancing while it seemed that every single person in the crowd knew the lyrics to their Christmas #1 single 'Rockabye'; including the security guards!

'Stronger' was undoubtedly their best performance, with the amazing singing and the brilliant choreography. We also got to hear their latest single…

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Sundown Festival | Shawn Mendes Review

In his ability to balance rallying speeches, slow ballads and then, in a second, switch the mood up to a party, Shawn Mendes is the ultimate headliner.

Shawn Mendes - AKA global sensation and Saturday headliner at Sundown - is genuinely amazing. Whether it's passionate speeches about the role our generation will play in the future, expertly performing live, or just being generally a kind (and hot) person, he is a level of human being that only few are able to achieve.

The build up to his performance consisted of various guitars being hauled onto the stage, followed by not 1 but 2 grand pianos and 3 huge screens. After watching all those things, we knew his performance would be phenomenal - and it was.

Bursting into some of hits such as 'Treat You Better', 'Mercy' and 'Lost in Japan', Shawn had us singing along at the top of our lungs. On hit single 'There's Nothing Holding Me Back' he had us jumping on our feet, keeping the energy flowing through…

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Sundown Festival | 2018 Review

Shawn Mendes is the highlight in a weekend full of electric energy and memories to last a lifetime.

Sundown is the first music festival I have ever had the chance of attending and it blew me away. Arriving at the campsite early Saturday morning with my sister, we quickly realised that we were essentially ill-prepared: our tent, an old relic, and our snacks, completely the wrong sort! After fruitlessly trying to construct our tent, a couple came over and helped us out, as easy can be, and that simple friendship set the tone for the next few days.

The sun was strong and that was all the encouragement we needed to explore the huge site (Norwich Showground) which was simply spectacular. The wide variety of food stalls, the hair raising theme park-esque rides and the different stages set us up for an amazing weekend.

On Saturday (the first full day of the festival), the Main Stage kicked things off just after midday…

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