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Review: The Perfect Guy

We've just slated this film. It's so far from perfect.

Review: The Perfect Guy

In film, a "filler" is a movie released to simply fill up a film studio's release diary to ensure that they have a chance of grabbing some seats that season. As such, "fillers" are usually very safe, relatively unimaginative and, as such, uninteresting.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world's most obvious "filler".

The Perfect Guy starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut (no, we haven't heard of them either) is a romantic turned horror-thriller about Leah (Lathan), a woman who has just left a long-term relationship with Dave (Morris Chestnut) for reasons stereotypical of the world's cheesiest chick flicks: He isn't ready to propose to her. Instead of discussing it and 'talking it out' she tells him to 'leave' in dramatic fashion.

It's as cringey as it sounds.

Leah then meets 'The Perfect Guy', Carter (awfully played…
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Review: Missy Elliot – WTF (Where They From) (feat. Pharrell)

The hip-hop legend has come out of hiding...


That is the term to describe Missy Elliot’s notable absence from music for a decade now.

Finally, after years of silence the hip hop force is back to business with long-term collaborator/friend Pharrell Williams. Missy just released “WTF (Where They From)” via iHeartRadio... but does Missy still have the heat?

A percussion heavy introduction initiates the song as anticipation is built through Missy’s critique of everyone else’s moves. “The dance you doing is dumb, how they do where you from” Missy announces as the Pharrell production gets louder and inclusive in more drum beats.

“Shawty what?” Pharrell asks before Missy again comment’s on the dumb movements of her competitors. Before the audience think the hip-hop pioneer has lost it, Missy initiates her run. The signature fast flow and light hearted spirit are echoed through her premier verse.

Missy’s entrance is littered with imperatives, commanding…
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Benji Hyer reports on the Paris attacks

I follow the news every minute of every day. Yet on Friday night, for the first time in about three years, my mobile phone was off and tucked away. My commonly visited BBC News app was not opened for hours. When I did eventually click on it at about 1am British time, I read the dismaying headline which had already shocked most of the country: “129 dead in Paris after multiple attacks”. I was emotionally overwhelmed, not just due to the alarming death toll, but because these massacres took place in the UK’s sister city a matter of hours away on the train, and one which is so geographically, culturally, politically and spiritually similar to our own capital.

I didn’t host my W!ZARD Radio Station show on Sunday (although we did broadcast a W!ZARD News Special Report on Saturday afternoon covering the incident), I’ll be mentioning developments in…
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