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W!ZARD Giving: Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust

More about our fundraising partner...

W!ZARD Giving: Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust
W!ZARD Giving is the new name for W!ZARD Radio Media's charity arm.

At W!ZARD Giving we work with some of the best charities in their arena to spread the message about why you should care about what they're campaigning about. At any one time we have one awareness partner and one fundraising partner.

Right now, our awareness partner is Stonewall and our fundraising partner is Teenage Cancer Trust.

Let's talk about Teenage Cancer Trust.

7 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Teenage Cancer Trust are the only charity dedicated to providing specialist care and support when they need it most.

Their impact is huge, here's just a few of the thing's they've achieve over the past 25 years...

Built 28 specialist units across the UK providing a home away from home for young people when…
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Legends of Gaming Live

We're broadcasting live from one of the biggest gaming events in the world...

Legends of Gaming Live
Legends of Gaming Live is a brand new event dedicated to the very best in gaming across all formats and platforms.

Taking place this September 4th to the 6th at Alexandra Palace, London it gives you the chance to see your favourite gamers battling it out head-to-head and you will also have the opportunity to get your hands on the latest and most exciting new gaming gadgets.

The event is centred around a series of tournaments conducted by our legends

DAN DTM - 2 billion views. 5 million subscribers. One of the world’s biggest Minecraft players.

ASHLEY MARIEE - 28 million views. 478 thousand subscribers. A gamer who packs a punch.

WROETOSHAW - 620 million views. 3.5 million subscribers. A force to be reckoned with on the FIFA stage.

ALI-A - 1.2 billion views. 5.5 million subscribers. Call of Duty King.

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Jack Lockyer-Steven's Summer Festival Guide

Follow Jack on his summer festival tour...

Welcoming... Jack Lockyer-Stevens! He's one of the fresh new faces joining the W!ZARD Radio Station schedule in our latest set of schedule changes, coming this July.

This summer he's travelling around Europe to some of the most exciting festivals that this great continent has to offer. And, better than that, he's taking you on the journey with him!

He's going to be blogging his Summer festival antics on this very blog - giving you the opportunity to find out the best things happening at Europe's biggest festivals.

Here's where you can expect to see him this summer:

Wildlife, Brighton City Airport: Saturday 6 – Sunday 7 June
Northside, Aarhus, Denmark: Friday 12 – Sunday 14 June
Glastonbury Festival: Monday 22 June – Sunday 24 June
Latitude Festival: Thursday 16 July – Sunday 19 July
Secret Garden Party: Wednesday 22 July – Sunday 26 July

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