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Interview with Slumberjack

James Gilmore interviews the Australia duo who are shaping the landscape of electronic music...

The past three years have been a whirlwind – global politics have changed, Breaking Bad has ended and Taylor Swift has released an album. Adding to that list of achievements is a stellar career for a DJ duo from Australia.

Slumberjack is made up of Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers, two producers who met as competition winners in 2012. After attempting a collaboration, they came together and have been shaping the landscape of electronic music ever since.

With multiple Hype Machine #1’s to their name, the Perth-based duo’s breaking point was with their club hit ‘RA’ released in 2016 – a song that crossed international waters and established them as a force to be reckoned with.

2017’s ‘Fracture’ EP includes records such as ‘Afriad, Unafraid’ featuring Peth’s Sydnee Carter (a track which has over 2.5M streams on Spotify) and lead single ‘Fracture’ featuring…

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Myles McCaulskey's Top 5: Wednesday 12th July

Myles McCaulskey's picks this week include Jay Z, Calvin Harris and more.

Every week, Myles McCaulskey picks his Top 5 favourite hip-hop tracks that he's been listening to over the past week. We reveal the list right here, every Wednesday.

1. Jay Z – The Story of OJ

This one is self-explanatory. The Story of OJ is the breakout track off 4:44 for me and one I think I will continue to play for some time. The truthful lyrics, the old school sample from Nina Simone & the well thought through video gives the audience an insight into a Jim Crow style America that is still relevant today.

2. Calvin Harris – Cash Out (feat. Schoolboy Q, PartyNextDoor & D.R.A.M)

Been waiting for Calvin’s album and this was one of the songs that sparked my intrigue. Calvin didn’t disappoint. Groovy haha!

3. Calvin Harris – Holiday (feat. Snoop Dogg, John Legend & Takeoff)

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21 Questions with Myles McCaulskey - Episode #2

Myles McCaulskey plays his new game 21 Questions, how many can you get?

Music is apart of every day life – but how much do you actually know about it?

In his new game 21 Questions, Myles McCaulskey tests the public’s general knowledge on their music trivia.

Participants answer, you guessed it, 21 Questions – 10 questions on a special subject of their choice, and then 11 general knowledge music questions.

You’ve got 21 Questions to get right, how many can you get?

This week, Myles McCaulskey plays 21 Questions with caller John.

Broadcasted exclusively on W!ZARD Radio Station.

21 Questions with Myles McCaulskey - Episode #2

Myles McCaulskey plays his new game 21 Questions with caller John. (13 minutes)

You can hear Myles McCaulskey exclusively on W!ZARD Radio Station, every Saturday from 4pm (UK time). Hear his latest episode on W!ZARD Repeats, here.

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