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New Music We Love: If God is a woman it's Ariana and Benny Blanco is on repeat!

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

With every single that Ariana Grande has released in the lead-up to ‘Sweetener’ she becomes a little bit more of the pop legend that she was born to be – latest release ‘God Is A Woman’ brings her to a next level of super pop diva.

Featured Song: Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman

2018 is ‘Sweetener’s year and we’re just living in it. With each single that Ariana has dropped from the single our world has been turned upside down as we’ve been discovering both a new side of her and given yet another reason why she’ll be selling out stadium’s in no time.

God Is A Woman’ is closer to the sexually-liberating, R&B inspired sounds of the ‘Dangerous Woman’ album – but just on another level. The vocal riffs at the end also highlight how special this artist is. If God is a woman,…

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Interview Anna Williamson

Anna has found success as a writer of not one, but two bestselling books on mental health.

Interview Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson has made a name for herself in a wide array of fields.

First coming to prominence as a TV presenter CITV and ITV, alongside stage performances and musical projects. But now she’s found success as a writer of not one, but two bestselling books on mental health.

Having worked with Childline, the Princes’ trust, and Mind, her charitable credentials are well spoken for. Her first bestseller, 'Breaking Mad: The Insider's Guide to Conquering Anxiety', made the rounds as an insight into anxiety from a first person perspective, detailing her own struggles, as well as good advice for helping protect one’s own mental health.

Now she's released a follow up: 'Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider's Guide to Parenting Anxiety'. Aimed at helping parents better understand mental health issues, it’s already been very well received by critics.

Matthew Stiles interviewed Anna Williamson to discuss her…

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Hyer's Highlights: The UK's Brexit Crisis

Within 24 hours of announcing Britain's Brexit stance... two key Cabinet members have resigned.

Hyer's Highlights: The UK's Brexit Crisis

Just over a year until the UK officially leaves the EU (and over 1 year since Article 50 was triggered), the British Government has claimed to have reached a "collective agreement" amongst the 26 Cabinet members as to it's proposal to the EU for it's post-Brexit relationship.

The agreement was allegedly reached during a tense 12-hour meeting at Chequers.

Benji Hyer discussed this on his Sunday radio show - but within 24 hours of the show being broadcast live, both Brexit Secretary David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned from their respective positions, turning an embarrassing and difficult situation for the Prime Minister into a full-blown crisis. It is unknown whether the government or their Brexit plans will survive in the coming turbulent months ahead.

With just over a year until the UK officially leaves the EU, there are calls of frustration and regret…

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