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Alec Feldman’s Procrastination Diaries: The #KenHunt Part III

The third part of Alec Feldman's adventure to try and get a free meal with former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

Alec Feldman’s Procrastination Diaries: The #KenHunt Part III

For the last couple of months, Alec Feldma has brought you stories of the many occasions when him and his friend Toby would slack off working at school and spend their time doing things infinitely less useful, and infinitely more entertaining.

This all came to a head in the summer of year twelve, when they took it upon themselves to get hold of the contact details of disgraced former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, so they can take up his offer of a free meal if they’re able to prove him wrong.

Nobody said it would be easy – so far, they’ve called up The Daily Express and a talk-radio station without much luck, and next they turned to his former employers – The Labour Party.

Find out the latest part of the adventure below, and listen live to Alec Feldman on W!ZARD Radio Station next Saturday…

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Interview with Avelino

Myles McCaulskey catches up with one of the hottest names in UK Rap: Avelino

In the past couple of years Avelino has become a household name in UK Rap. Synonymous for his strong punchlines, vivid imagery & distinctive voice, “Young Fire” has championed a sound matched by very few in today’s climate.

Avelino gained a lot of attention from his 2015 album “Young Fire Old Flame” in collaboration with Wretch 32, which for most people was an introduction into the skills Avelino possessed & what was to come very shortly.

Following up with singles such as ‘Youniverse’ & ‘F.Y.O’ (with an EP of the same name dropping in 2016), Avelino link up with two UK heavyweights in Skepta & Stormzy to release the single “Energy” in early 2017. A song which has now become the main theme song for this year’s edition of FIFA (18) & Lynx’s collaboration with Anthony Joshua.

Myles McCauslkey caught up with Avelino

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Hyer's Highlights: the Paradise Papers

Listener Olivia feels that it's morally incomprehensible for individuals or corporations to pay minimal tax and then expect solid, well-running public services.

Hyer's Highlights: the Paradise Papers

This week, the world witnessed its second biggest data leak ever: the Paradise Papers.

The ‘Paradise Papers’ refers to the leak of 13.4m files. Most of the documents – 6.8m – relate to a law firm and corporate services provider that operated together in 10 jurisdictions under the name Appleby.

The Paradise Papers focuses on companies and individuals, united by one thing: money. The Guardian states that “some of the world’s biggest multinationals feature in the leak, including Apple, Nike and Facebook.” Monaco-based British racing driver Lewis Hamilton was also caught up in the leak, guilty of avoiding VAT on his multi-million-pound private jet by exploiting tax rules in the Isle of Man.

Who is to blame: the government for allowing these loopholes to exist, or the tax avoiders for exploiting them to their financial advantage?

On Benji Hyer’s show, listener Olivia feels that…

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