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Setlist: Take That (Sunday 20th)

Take That's full Apple Music Festival setlist. Here. Now.

Missed Take That take over the Apple Music Festival on Sunday 20th September? You can view Gary, Mark and Howard's full set below!

Main Set:
1. Shine
2. Greatest Day
3. Get Ready For It
4. Hold Up A Light
5. Patience
6. Pray
7. Up All Night
8. A Million Love Songs/Babe (Acoustic Medley)
9. Back For Good
10. The Flood
11. These Days
12. Relight My Fire (Dan Hartman Cover)
13. Rule The World
14. Never Forget

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Dedication Song: See You Again

Thomas dedicates Charlie Puth's song about love and loss.

Each week on Therapy with Thomas Mills, Thomas chooses a song which means something and can teach us a lesson. He calls it his 'Dedication Song'.

This week, that song was See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) by Charlie Puth.

Whilst this song is directly about losing someone you love because they have died – it is a song which resonates on many different levels of ‘loss’. Losing somebody – whether that’s just a sibling moving out of the house for the first time, a friend moving country or simply losing a friend through an argument – can be the most difficult emotion to tackle, understand and go through. You feel like what you had will never be there again, an era has ended. An era you loved. The most important to always remember is that memories live on and if new eras don’t begin, the earth will…
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Playlist: Take That (Sunday 19th)

Take That should play a mix of their new vibes and the old greats.

Take That take to the Apple Music Festival stage on Night 2 of this internationally streamed event. Now down to three members (after Robbie Williams and, more recently, Jason Orange departed the band), the band have reinvented themselves with latest album 'III' which introduces a new, poppier vibe.

We've compiled a playlist of 5 of our favourite Take That songs that we hope we'll hear during their set at the Apple Music Festival.

These Days

New single 'These Days' needs to make it onto the set within at least the first 5 songs. The new, poppier sound has been a hit with audiences recently and, if the band want to make the show sound anything other than a 'Greatest Hits' show, a lot of the new music will be played.


Okay, it's not as good as Robbie William's similarly named collaboration with…
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