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Joseph Perry’s News Crunch: The Boy is Zac in Town

Joseph Perry crunches the news of Zac Goldsmith

Joseph Perry’s News Crunch: The Boy is Zac in Town
What’s the story?
Zac Goldsmith has been given the go-ahead from his constituents to stand as the Conservative candidate in the Mayor of London election.

With Boris Johnson standing down as London Mayor after eight years in the post, the Conservative Party needs a charismatic candidate to pick up where Bo Jo left off. For many, Goldsmith is the man to stand in the 2016 Mayoral election.

Signs that Goldsmith would stand became increasingly apparent after his huge General Election victory back in May. He was one of few Tory MPs in London to excel, growing his majority in Richmond Park to over 35% (until 2010 the seat was held by the Lib Dems).

However, the 40 year old always maintained that he would never seek election if his local constituents felt it would interfere with his ability to serve them as their local MP.
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Review: You Should Be Here - Kehlani

Nicolas Tyrell- Scott reviews up and coming artist Khelani's new album.

Relationships: a recurring and commonplace topic in the realm of R&B. From the Beyonce’s to the Mary J Blige’s, this topic is forever re-occurring and definitely isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, Kehlani (Oakland’s newest addition to the female R&B arena) takes this very topic, deconstructs it and makes it relevant to the teenage music lovers of today. Her newest EP “You Should Be Here” leaves you rooting for Kehlani and feeling a sense of empowerment whilst listening to her recollections and tribulations with boys and past situations.

“Jealous” strips things back in terms of Kehlani’s vocal abilities and focuses on the popular app Instagram. Kehlani uses her lower register to depict the struggle of guys in the past focusing on having multiple women in the picture (no pun intended) and how they attract such attention on Instagram to keep up this charade. The Oakland vocalist embeds her…
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Review: Drones - Muse

Simon Fearn Reviews Muse's latest album - and he doesn't hold back!

One of the perennial questions in the music industry has to be: what have Muse done now?

The 21st Century’s answer to Queen, each release seems to mark an exponential increase in ambition and silliness. Anyone for a three-part rock symphony (the end of The Resistance) or a would-be Bond theme, featuring vocals so piercingly high they make you wince (‘Supremacy’ from the previous album)? Now the inevitable has happened: Muse have written a full blown concept album.

The band have ditched their brief flirtation with dubstep for what they describe as a ‘back to basics’ approach, which seems to involve a riff centred, dirty rock vibe (mostly). But where they’ve toned down their musical wackiness, conceptually they’ve become even more ridiculous.

The story, devised in the dark recesses of Matt Bellamy’s brain (and this is only my best guess), is the tale of a disenfranchised protagonist…
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