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Kaleya Cover Contest: Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne

Congratulations to AMICA for winning this week!

This week, Kaleya looks at the best covers of the song Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne. "Hold My Hand" is Jess Glynne's second single and her first one to reach Number One in the Official UK Charts. Glynne made her name in the UK music industry after featuring on Clean Bandit's single "Rather Be" and Route 94's "My Love", both of which also reached Number One in the UK Singles Charts in 2014. "Hold My Hand" reached Number One in the UK and Scotland and got into the Top 40 in Australia and Ireland.

This song has been covered by five talented Youtubers.  The winner will be announced on Kaleya’s show on Saturday 25th April 2015, between 5pm and 7pm! Don't forget to vote and support your favourite cover.




    [cover name='J…
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More About Bohemian Style

The styles that characterised the 60s and early 70s have returned for 2015

More About Bohemian Style

With spring well on its way and summer just around the corner, I was happy to see a fresh edition of the Joe Brown's catalogue laying on the floor next to my front door when I came downstairs this morning. The catalogue is free to subscribe to, so I have been getting seasonal and pictured updates of there new trends for about a year now. 

The first I heard of Joe Browns was through my best friend and her family, they are all of a slightly eccentric/ free spirited nature and these types of clothes perfectly represent that image. I think this style also corresponds with the high street fashions we are seeing at the moment, which include lots of bright colours and flowing and relaxed fits, reflective of the 60's and early 70's outfits. 

Thea Porter was a pioneer of bohemian style clothing during the 60's and 70's, bringing…

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2015 General Election: Is this the end of the two major parties?

Eileen Gbagbo writes about the upcoming UK General Election

2015 General Election: Is this the end of the two major parties?

For many years, the general elections have been dominated by the two major parties – Labour and Conservative. However, the last general election saw the slightly surprising victory of the Conservative Party and the even more surprising coalition between the Liberal Democrats and Conservative. Reflecting on the past years, many people may say that the coalition has not been as effective as they would have hoped.

However, it seems that this General election has also so far been a shock, as parties such as UKIP and SNP are growing both in strength of their campaign and in number. As the polls suggest, if any of the major parties win the election, a coalition would be likely. But Ed Miliband has claimed that his party would not join a coalition with the SNP, contrary to public opinion. The ICM poll suggest that Scottish Labour would lose 29 of the 41 seats won…

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