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Hyer's Highlights: North Korea and Trump

Benji Hyer responds to a listener who suggests that Kim Jong-Un may be willing to put his citizens on the line...

Hyer's Highlights: North Korea and Trump

In the last week, we have seen a war of words between Donald Trump and North Korea.

On Tuesday, he told reporters that “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States” or else “they will be met with fire, fury and power like the world has never seen”: In response, North Korean state-run media reported that the country was “carefully examining” a plan to strike US Pacific territory of Guam with missiles.

The following day, Mr Trump boasted that the US nuclear arsenal is “more powerful than ever”.

As China encouraged restraint, Trump openly declared on Thursday that his “fire and fury” warning maybe “wasn’t tough enough”. Asked what would be tougher than fire and fury, he simply replied: “you’ll see”.

On Friday, he tweeted that military solutions are “locked and loaded” should NK “act unwisely”, and added that NK…

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Interview with Xenia Ghali

James Gilmore chats to Xenia Ghali ahead of her takeover on The W!ZARD Sessions

The W!ZARD Sessions can be a nerve-wrecking spotlight to perform on. Some of the greatest DJs from all over the world have performed on it – including Kill The Buzz, Cedric Gervais, NERVO and more.

But none feel more prepared than Xenia Ghali.

The Greek-French artist has worked with the likes of Pitbull and Grammy-nominated Wyclef Jean, and in 2016 received two consecutive Billboard Dance Club Songs #1’s with ‘Under These Lights’ and ‘Places’.

We also can’t write about her without mentioning that she has performed on the Greek version of The X Factor, and is a brand ambassador with Adidas and G-Star Raw. Xenia Ghali is making a massive name for herself.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new names in dance music, her live sets are also truly a force to be reckoned with (when we spoke to her, she was in…

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Advice / Opinion

James Gilmore rants about Jake Paul

James rants about the controversial YouTuber and his latest diss track. HOW ORIGINAL.

James Gilmore rants about Jake Paul

Jake Paul is really annoying.

YES – someone said it.

For those of you who don’t know, Jake Paul is a YouTuber who receives millions of views for his ‘videos’*.

*They are videos, but they aren’t good videos, which is why we put the word inside ‘’.

At the time of writing this, a video he had posted 20 hours ago had 3.5M views. It featured him jumping out of a plane, so maybe some of those viewers hoped it wouldn’t end well?

Anyway, he’s probably revelling in the glory that we’re writing about him so we shan’t for much longer. All you need to know is: he’s very popular, he's also on the Disney Channel show 'Bizaardvark' (which is actually quite good), he has a brother called Logan which apparently he doesn't like (but how truthful is that?)... but he is also…

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