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Hyer's Highlights: Attacking Syria

The United States, Britain and France launched air strikes in Syria following a suspected chemical attack.

Hyer's Highlights: Attacking Syria

The major, developing news story of the week has been the retaliation of the United States, Britain and France to the most recent suspected chemical attack in Syria, allegedly by the Assad regime.

Even though the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had yet to provide evidence from its fact-funding mission, Donald Trump and Theresa May, along with Emmanuel Macron, all hit back with air strikes against chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

There seems to be a real lack of a long-term strategy in regard to foreign policy in Syria. On the one hand, Trump said that the US is “prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents”, but on the other hand, Defence Secretary James Mattis said that “right now, this is a one-time shot”. Trump seems to be acting on fitful impulses rather than on…

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2018 Academy of Country Music Awards

What better way is there to celebrate having access to such great music every single day… than having a party?

The Academy of Country Music Awards (from here-on known as the ACMs) are one of many country music awards shows which takes place through-out the year.

The difference with the ACMs is that: a) It’s in Las Vegas (this year at the MCM Grand Garden Arena) b) It’s positioned as the awards show where Nashville comes to party… and last night, at the 52rd ACMs, it was certainly a party!

Watching from home as a relatively new country music follower the awards were as much of an education into country music culture as it was a genuinely entertaining viewing experience. Opening with a sombre tribute to the Las Vegas Shooting from October 1st 2017 (whereby 59 country music fans were killed, and a further 851 injured) – the show quickly launched into rounds of performance-after-performance, only to be briefly interrupted by trophies being handed out to their deserved…

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Interview with OTR

James Gilmore interviews the producer behind 'Bliss' and new single 'Close' about his new music and upcoming EP.

Atlanta-based OTR’s side-job is making incredible music, the type of which would make most producers jealous.

His day job is as an aerospace engineer.

When we first heard his single ‘Bliss’ featuring vocalist Ashley Leone were immediately hooked – taking influence from the likes of ODESZA and Porter Robinson, the track was so layered, with so many little sounds building up to something much bigger, it is easy to tell that this was a producer who takes his art seriously.

In new single ‘Close’ featuring Kai Straw, he proves his talent once again. Kai Straw’s unique voice bellows through OTR’s bottom line – as the synths and mini keyboards collaborate, you realise that this quality music will surely make OTR a star very soon.

To celebrate the launch of ‘Close’, James Gilmore interviewed OTR about his start in music, upcoming EP and more.

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