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Lalo Montes | You Should Know: DVICIO

DVICIO are a Spanish boyband that has everything it takes to blow up... here's why Lalo Montes thinks you need to know them!

Forming in 2009 – under the name “Tiempo Límite” – DVICIO is formed of Andrés, Martín, Nacho, Alberto and Luis.

They first blew up online when their cover of David Guetta and Sia’s ‘Titanium’ which led to their record deal and debut single, ‘Paraiso’ in 2014 which then also blew up when McDonald’s staff in Spain performed the song in a flash mob!

Having also performed at the Latin Grammy’s in 2016 and toured around Latin America – including Mexico, Argentina and Chile – their latest album, ‘Qué Tienes Tí’ came out in April 2017… but we’re still obsessed with them!

Lalo Montes selected DVICIO as his “You Need To Know” on his show this week – find out why by listening to the clip!

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

[audio audio="" title="Lalo Montes thinks you need to know DVICIO" descr="DVICIO…

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New Music We Love: InZAYN in music, Sigrid saves the day and Thomas Rhett for Prezzie

We take you on a guided tour of the best, the good, and the quite good's of the week

It’s an in-ZAYN week for new music, as Zayn Malik releases his first new song since 2017 Sia-collaboration ‘Dusk Till Dawn’. The waiting has kind of paid off with new song ‘Let Me’ which sees many a high note.

Featured Song: ZAYN – Let Me

Let’s be honest, as much as you loved hearing ‘Dusk Till Dawn last year, it all got a bit much and the song was overplayed. It was good, but it wasn’t ama-ZAYN was it?! In ‘Let Me’, ZAYN tries to recapture some of the magic that was left on the ‘Mind of Mine’ album, and he does so with some success.

The song is staple ZAYN in that it’s an R&B-pop cross-over with plenty of high notes, a cool beat and good lyrics. But, is it ‘PILLOWTALK’? IS IT?! Because we don’t think it is. On ZAYN’s last album there was a……

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Advice / Opinion

Alec Feldman’s Party Dot Com: Foreign Policy

Alec’s new "political movement" exclusively for the young has gone a bit wrong… already.

Alec Feldman’s Party Dot Com: Foreign Policy

It’s a tough time to be young at the moment.

We’re the generation who are more stressed than ever before, with more debt than ever before, and with less chance of being able to afford nice things than ever before. And that’s before you even mention Brexit.

But Alec Feldman didn’t want it to be this way. He thought that there must be an alternative. We can either work together with all groups in society to create the future we all want – or we can turn on the old people who made this mess in the first place. No prizes for guessing which he picked.

Alec decided he wanted to found a new political party – but unlike the dozens of “centrist” parties that have been founded on Twitter and promptly fizzled out, Alec’s new party is something different – it’s run by the young, for…

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