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Interview with LANY

We spoke to drummer Jake Goss about life in LANY and what's to come from the exciting three-piece

We’ve been raving about LANY for a little while now.

Currently on their World Tour in anticipation of their self-titled debut album, lead-singer Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss and keyboards/guitarist Les Preist are on quite a run at the moment.

Following their sold-out date at London’s KOKO, and after the drop of Good Girls, our first proper taster of the debut album, we spoke to drummer Jake Goss about life in LANY and what’s to come.

WR: You guys have just embarked on your European tour, this week you’ve performed in Birmingham and Manchester, London tonight and then off around the rest of Europe. How’s it been so far?

JG: It's been amazing! It is a wild and crazy feeling to be so far from home and feel the love of fans across the world. The shows have been such a blast!…

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Advice / Opinion

Hyer's Highlights: USA isn't the leader of the free world

When a listener suggested that Merkel ought to 'speak English' and respect the leader of the free world... Benji had this to say

Hyer's Highlights: USA isn't the leader of the free world

This past week, Trump was visited by Germany’s Angela Merkel.

In a tense press conference and meeting, Trump defended his Obama wiretapping claims and refused to shake hands with the German Chancellor. Trump shook Abe’s hand like he might rip it off but snubbed Merkel when she offered hers; he is weirding out America’s allies, and was outclassed bigly by Merkel, who exposed him as the petulant, misogynistic buffoon that he is.

It’s no surprise; comparing the intellectual acumen of Merkel with Trump is like observing the difference between the ocean and an inflatable backyard pool. He sounded like an imbecile next to Merkel, who actually understands diplomacy and foreign policy; he’s totally in over his head. The body language and obvious discomfort, hostility and resentment between Trump and Merkel looked worse than the painful Obama-Netanyahu dynamic; he couldn’t stand to even look at her!

Donald Trump,…

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Interview with Mabel

Myles McCaulskey interviews R&B-inspired Mabel following the release of Kojo Funds collaboration 'Finders Keepers'

Whilst many artists may come from a musical family, very few artists have the family that Mabel has.

The daughter of legendary singer Neneh Cheery and Massive Attack product Cameron McVey, the Spanish-born, London-raised singer isn’t letting the pressure come to her. In fact, she might be one of most chilled artists on the scene right now.

Debut single Know Me Better came out in 2015 which brought the singer all of the attention she deserves. Since then, My Boy My Town has garnered over 1.5M streams on Spotify and 2016’s Thinking Of You caused another high point in Mabel’s career.

Now, Mabel is back with a fresh song for a new year, and this year she is joined by one of the hottest artists in London right now: Kojo Funds.

Finders Keepers introduces Mabel with more chill, and more verse than ever before.…

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