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Hyer's Highlights: Neymar signs with PSG

Has football lost the plot? Following the major signing of Neymar to PSG, Benji Hyer says that we must rethink the balance...

Hyer's Highlights: Neymar signs with PSG

PSG have paid a staggering £198m for Barcelona forward Neymar.

£198m for one player. It is more than double the current world record fee of £89m paid by United for Pogba and almost two and a half times that paid by Real Madrid for Ronaldo in 2009.

Neymar’s price is four times greater than Montserrat’s GDP, and his wages equate to over £40m annually, all funded by Qatari oil and their 2022 World Cup.

Surely football has lost the plot? But despite the controversial nature of the transfer, listener Rupert has told Benji Hyer that he does not begrudge the money that football is generating.

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Benji Hyer on Neymar moving to PSG

Benji Hyer responds to listener Rupert who thinks that we should celebrate the amount of money that football is generating. (4 minutes)

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Hyer's Highlights: Brexit Transitional Deal

Listener Luke says that there's little hope of obtaining any agreement or Article 50 extension...

Hyer's Highlights: Brexit Transitional Deal

Bridging the Brexit Gap: Options for Transition’. This is the name given to the report by The Institute of Directors outlining the options and recommendations for a post-Brexit transitional agreement.

The business lobby group has urged the cabinet to stop “dancing around the edges” of Brexit and start to bridge the “the Brexit Gap” between leaving the EU and setting up new trading arrangements, or else it has warned of “short-term chaotic cliff edges”.

Without any deal or transitional arrangement, havoc is anticipated in the airlines industry in particular and on the Northern Irish border.

Chancellor Philip Hammond seems to be the only one in the Cabinet mentioning the possibility of a transitional agreement, ending in 2022. An agreement of sorts seems desirable - if not completely necessary given the short time frame - despite it never been a talking point in the referendum campaign.

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Interview with Camille Jansen

We weren’t cool enough to interview Camille Jansen. This article is equally not very cool.

Interview with Camille Jansen

Camille Jansen (or “Cami” to her friends, which definitely does not include us) is really cool.

We first discovered Cami* in the first edition of our Hot 4 competition – where we select 4 amazing/funny/talented videos, give you 2 weeks to vote on them and then something or nothing happens.

At the time, it was this amazing video which we saw:

(P.S. When we first found it, the video had around 10,000 views – now it has 1.5M. Yes, we’re trendsetters)

In her day-to-day, Camille is a student (living in France) but is now making the transition to being a model (which makes sense, because models are really cool and she is really cool). She’s signed to ‘Anti Agency’ which is quite a big deal in the modelling world.

Whilst flying around the world she also captures her adventures on YouTube (‘vlogging’ as…

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