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Alec Feldman's A Terrible Human Being

Talking of obvious news headlines... Alec asks listeners for the reasons they too are terrible people

Alec Feldman's A Terrible Human Being

An amnesty for acts of random unkindness.

Alec Feldman tries to be a nice person – we all do. But sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. We do something bad to another person, but we just don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. This is the safe space to share those stories.

Alec’s Geordie flatmate was a bit... “tired and emotional” one night, and she fell over into their Christmas tree and destroyed it, sustaining minor injuries. Whilst any decent person would ask after her wellbeing, Alec... well, he laughed. Then he asked you for your “I’m a terrible human being, but...” stories.

Listen below, and if you have your own act of random kindness you want to admit to, email, with “I’m a terrible human being, but...” in the subject line – it might get read out on air in a future week!


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Interview with Rothwell

James Gilmore interviews Metrik-collaborator, Justin Bieber support act and general lovely person Rothwell

Bristol-born Rothwell supported Justin Bieber for one night on the UK-leg of the Purpose Tour in 2016 – and then the next night, she was back in the studio, working hard on new music.

What’s obvious about Rothwell after speaking to her for even just a short period of time is how serious she is about music, without taking herself too seriously.

The energetic and uplifting singer-songwriter, behind tracks such as ‘Busy’ and collaboration with Metrik, ‘We Got It, cites artists such as Ben Howard, Nina Simone, Paul Simon, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift has her inspirations. A varied mix – but it all makes sense after listening to her music, which blends soulful tones with pop ballads.

Ahead of the release of her new single ‘Freedom’, James Gilmore interviewed Rothwell about the new music, her career highlights since the last time they spoke and…

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Interview with Stu Larsen

James Gilmore interviews one of his favourite live performers, Stu Larsen, about his new record 'Resolute'.

There are very few performers like Stu Larsen.

The Australian singer-songwriter has had hits with the likes of ‘Thirteen Sad Farewells’ (16M streams) and ‘San Francisco’ (3M streams) – but his real heart is in performing live, in front of intimate adoring fans.

His latest collection, 2017’s ‘Resolute’, has led him to touring the world once again – with a tour leading him to 26 countries across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia and clocking up millions more streams. The album is the follow-up to ‘Vagabond’, where our paths first crossed.

Click here to read our review of Stu Larsen at The Lexington, London from when Vagabond was released.

Following the London date of the UK leg of his tour, James Gilmore interviewed Stu Larsen about his creative process, making up for lost time and his new record 'Resolute'.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide…

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