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Interview with New Hope Club

We interview George, Blake and Reece about their involvement in new film 'Early Man' and WE PLAY A GAME!

The UK boyband scene has been pretty quiet lately – as The Vamps have been touring the world, and One Direction you know… happened… there hasn’t been a fresh new entry in TIME.

Well, New Hope Club are here to shake things up!

George, Blake and Reece were discovered by ruling British boy band (but actual BAND not just a flurry of choreography) The Vamps in 2015 and were signed to their label ‘Steady Records’.

Having toured extensively with The Vamps, and also Sabrina Carpenter (our fave) the band released their debut EP ‘Welcome to the Club’ in 2017 which earned them a 2017 Teen Choice Award nomination and a spot on the Billboard Next Big Sound chart for 10 weeks in a row.

Now the band are taking their next big step as they have not one but TWO (the big T-W-O) tracks…

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Interview with Emily Barr

James Gilmore interviews the acclaimed YA author about her brand new book: The Truth and Lies of Ella Black

Interview with Emily Barr

When Emily Barr released her debut YA book, 'The One Memory of Flora Banks', she probably didn't realise how the book would transform her life.

Although already the author of twelve adult fiction books (with her book 'Backpack' winning the WH Smith New Talent Award), 'The One Memory of Flora Banks' turned Emily Barr into a universally acclaimed YA author. As we have come to learn, one of Barr's talents is to get into the head of a character who is going through an otherwise difficult-to-relate story.

In 'The One Memory of Flora Banks' we follow Flora, a teenage girl who lives with anterograde amnesia - an illness which means that she has to re-remember her life several times each day. Now, in her second YA book, 'The Truth and Lies of Ella Black', we follow Ella, a girl who finds out that everything she thought…

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Discover New Music with Meagan: LANCO

Each week on her radio show, Meagan introduces her listeners to a new band she’s really into right now. This week it's LANCO

Each week on her radio show, Meagan introduces her listeners to a new band she’s really into right now. And then she writes it up and pops it online. Here is that write up for this week.

LANCO (which stands for Lancaster & Company) is a new country band straight out of Nashville.

They are named after the lead singer’s surname, Brandon Lancaster, who is joined in the band by Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell, and Eric Steedly. Founded back in 2013, they have been creating music that reaches more than just country lovers – but also pop fans, and fans of all music.

They also just recently appeared on my all-time favourite reality show, The Bachelor!

Their single ‘Born To Love You’ is a fun beat that’s breaking the airwaves across several different country and if they aren’t already popping up where…

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