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We are a teen media brand specialising in the professional production of radio, music, publications and events. The brand consists of seven different services and products: W!ZARD Radio Station (our most successful product, specialising in teens – with a variety of shows, ranging from talk to pop to rock and dubstep), W!ZARD Records, W!ZARD Sales (producing and negotiating top-notch radio advertisements and campaigns), W!ZARD News (providing news services for social media, websites and our radio station) and #LOVEgiving (the charity for charities – last year supporting children in Africa with poor water supplies).

The radio station has been the most successful service that we provide, having featured some of the world’s largest and most successful artists (including Labrinth and Dappy) with interviews, live sessions and amazing presenters – playing and presenting a variety of formats, from Top 40 Countdowns to rock shows, live music sessions, talk shows and more! We broadcast on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 12am and we can be listened to from our website or via mobile browsers. The demographic of the Station is 12 to 19 year olds – due to the variety of our shows, we can help brands of all type reach their target audience, by using the strong relationships our DJs hold with their listeners.

Currently, we work very closely with many established brands – including top West End shows, Agencys, Night Clubs, PR Companies, Technology Brands and more! With them, we have been able to run successful competitions, giveaways and promotional campaigns to both boost their online presence but also gain the interest of, arguably, the most important demographic to ANY brand… teenagers.

One of the biggest artists signed to W!ZARD Records has been SHIRIYA. SHIRIYA was the first major signing to the label in late 2012. She released her debut EP in 2013. The staff at W!ZARD Records never rest and are constantly talent scouting for new artists to sign. It is our aim to unleash the true, raw talent in young people and enable them to fulfill their potential and 'make it' in an extremely competitive industry. All of our artists have their music published to all popular online stores – including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc…

In 2013, #LOVEmoney supported the US charity: ‘Charity : Water’ which is a non-profit organisation trying to give clean drinking water to the over 1 billion people in the world that are in need of it. As part of the fundraising, we have produced and are actively playing radio advertisements as well as social network promotions for the campaign.

The aim of W!ZARD Radio Media is to be able to be one of the largest media brands located on the net and worldwide in an already competitive market. But, even bigger than that, we want to be able to achieve our goal whilst keeping in mind the two extremely important factors: Customer Service and Client Support. We want to be able to reach huge heights, whilst keeping the passion and devotion we put into the development and running of all of our products which is the same as that we put into creating brilliant and unique sales solutions for our clients.


W!ZARD Sales and the W!ZARD Radio Media brand as a whole can promote any brand through a variety of well established products, with ease – as all clients have access to such a wide range of products and audiences through ONE team. It really has never been easier, faster or cheaper to entice and engage an audience. So, what sales solutions can we provide:

Airtime – this is a tried and tested, reliable method of communicating your message. It’s what our listeners respond to, and it’s where our advertisers and partners want their products and services to be featured. With thousands of teenagers tuning in every weekend – we can cover every musical genre and geographical area. We ensure that quality is consistently high across all of our products and carry out extensive research to make sure that all of our commercial activity works for both our listeners and our clients. Because that's when the magic happens. The Government needed a way to target their teenagers with their COI advertisements and used Wizard Radio's Airtime package to reach 34,000 teenagers over the course of four weekend slots. Wizard Radio selected the appropriate time slots which would attract the largest amount of people in their target audience.

Creative Solutions – We know how important it is to our clients that we only provide them with the most unique and exciting solutions. And we know that barrier-breaking big ideas mean better results for our clients, and a more stimulating experience for our users. So, whether we’re creating anything - from an imaginative single commercial to a programming deep-integrated campaign, we go much further than traditional airtime ‘spots’ or simple events. For the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time theatrical production, Wizard Radio coordinated a dedicated hour long radio slot, social network and on-air programming and special website features which included interactive advertisements through sponsorship of the competition. needed a way to target their target market which is teenagers and used Wizard Radio's Airtime package to reach 17,000 teenagers over the course of two weekend slots. Wizard Radio helped to record the on air advert and selected the appropriate time slots which would attract the largest amount of people in their target audience.

Integration and Sponsorship – Having your name put next to some of our biggest and most listened to shows, adjusting our schedule to meet the demands of your products and even broadcasting from your events to build hype. That’ just an example of how far we’d go to make sure that you’re product or brand is known world wide. Ministry of Sound wanted to attract a younger audience than their usual club-goers to purchase their "Annual 2013" compilation. By sponsoring W!ZARD Radio Station, they were able to generate strong sales through advertising to a shared target market.

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