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W!ZARD Talent is the talent management arm of global teen media brand W!ZARD Radio Media , home of the UK’s Most Popular Online Teen Radio Station We are a 21st century talent management company working with the next generation of global artists and social talent. We offer management services across all aspects of our roster’s careers including development, song-writing, recording, distribution, touring, brand partnerships, endorsements, PR and publicity.

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Desmond John releases debut single "Untradeable”

"Bursting on to the pop scene with one of the most exciting debut singles of 2016 comes Desmond John. At just 16 years of age but with the world-beating sound of a global pop superstar, he will release his first single, “Untradable”, on November 4th."

LISTEN: Desmond John’s debut single, ‘Untradable’

"You may have already come across Desmond John whilst scrolling your Instagram. The 16-year-old has become a huge hit on the site over the past year, garnering over 21,000 followers. From snippets of cover songs to selfies at the studio, Desmond has been teasing fans on the site with what they can expect from him musically."

On the Radar - Desmond John

"Part pop, part R&B and layered richly with vocals, Desmond John’s ‘Untradable’ is a strong debut from the young teen."

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